The 2 Ads…

I am sharing my #MemoriesOfMotherhood with Bio Oil and BlogAdda. This Mother’s Day check out the Yummy Mummy calendar and  make a similar calendar of your own using the Bio Oil App.

Our first wedding anniversary….365 days of togetherness, exploring each other in  every possible way went in a flash. The second one came even before we realized and the days went whizzing by. But by then tongues started wagging…oh..why has she not conceived yet? could there be any problem with either of them? or are they not happy together? The questions dime a dozen but it hardly affected us and our relationship. Soon the third one was celebrated with the same love and affection but the sparkle was missing. Could it be that something was indeed wrong with us biologically? We started becoming jittery and another year passed in worries, doubts, anxiety and the like…And then it happened…I was pregnant with our first child. I wanted to jump up in joy and let the whole world know especially to the nosey parkers who had made life miserable for us which was otherwise tranquil and serene. However, I hardly had time to think about others, now the world was me and my baby!

Days just flew and I delivered a big baby boy weighing about 3.56 kg. He was a forceps baby and had taken in the fluid from inside and so headed straight into the incubator with antibiotics from day one! Soon he recovered and we were heading home. The next days, months and years were the best part of our lives and I remember each and every activity of the Ad senior! The first words uttered were not ‘Amma” or “appa” but “poove” …whatever it means, even after 18years, we are still trying to decipher it! In exactly 17 months Ad junior came along, a normal this time. The elder Ad was a big bro at the tender age of one year and nine months and showed off what it means to be elder. However, there was never a tinge of sibling rivalry and the two hit off like a Siamese! Each day would begin with mischief galore with hardly any sleep, the two didn’t want to waste their time sleeping I guess! If it was orange colour as favourite for the senior, it was all red for the younger and the entire house became a Picasso’s canvass!

The years of joy, sorrow, mischief, tantrums, ill health, first day at school, the sports day, the school day dances and singing…all can never be forgotten and never be erased from the memories. All of these wonderful moments of motherhood are etched in gold!

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