Exodus of expectations



                          Avarice for unsatiated love and affection

                                 with a begging bowl, always asking for more

                                  Solitary, wandering here and there

                         Deserting inner, outer circles fashion

                        Burden of expectations weighing down

                                   Spectre of desires, needs and wants

                                        Rat race, peer pressure and family taunts

                            Education in a dazzling convocation gown

                           Chagrin only, as eagerly anticipate

                                         Disillusioned and doleful with regret

                                         Never to bargain for, nothing to fret

                          Churning out our destiny and fate

                         Dipping esteem, reality bites, face fact

                                          Twisted and awry, euphoria amiss

                                          Yearning relinquished, diving into an abyss

                      Bonding disconnected, no more sacrosanct

                         Excursion, jaunt, journey and picnic

                                        Dwindling by the day, a life cocooned

                                        Lost in oneself, uncaring and marooned

                       Self centered, in an island, agonizing sick

                       Fervently praying, morrow a better day

                                        No more exodus to depths of despondency

                                        Believe, long for and the flight to ascendancy

                     And the hope train chugs in making gay

And then the train of hope chugs in!
And then the train of hope chugs in!

As I write this...

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