The Repository – a revelation

Here I am rolling out the red carpet to my brilliant buddies out there – come, embark with me on a mind boggling two hour mesmerising journey to the magnificent world of science, technology, fiction and fantasy, a virtual tour of a splendid interactive repository with collections that will enrich each one of us.
                The Visveswaraya industrial and technological museum is dedicated to Sir M. Visveswaraya, an astute statesman and astounding civil engineer. Located in Bangalore, a teeming tech savvy metro of India, cheek by jowl with the sylvan Cubbon park, the imposing locomotive engine at the gateway is a sight to behold and as we enter it is indeed appropriate to find the statue of Sir M. Visveswaraya , the architect of Bangalore. We bow our heads in reverence to this icon and move on to the amazing insignia in science, math, space, industry, technology and music, spread on 40000 square feet with each floor designed to cater to a specific field. Defying all ages, it is little wonder that this museum boasts of a million footfalls every year!
            Visveswaraya industrial and technological museum was officially handed over in the year 1962 to the National council of science museums and comes under the aegis of the Council of scientific and industrial research , Government of India. It was thrown open to the public in 1965. While the young scientific brains are hypnotized by the gaping and roaring dinosaur prototypes, the replica of the Wright Brothers aeroplane, the life size models of engines, fighter jets , haunting ghost mirrors and 3D fantasy movies, the future Einsteins are spell bound at the interface on theories, theorems and technology ! The interactive models of petrol engines in automobiles, optical sensors, radio wave transmission, laws of reflection and refraction, energy, pressure and gravity and the mathematical archetype of the Pythagoras theorem kindles the spark of scientific questioning in our nascent mind.

VITM, an inspiring gallery in Bangalore

Artefacts, objects, interfaces galore

     Treasure trove of facts, fiction and fantasy of life

      Besotted, obsessed, infatuated by models rife

A roar here, a turn there, a merry lilt

Igniting, stimulating minds like beacons of light

       Theorems, theories, technology that kindle enthuse

        Archimedes, Einstein, Galileo, Newton in real, to                        leave we refuse

An assemblage of archetype, prototype, devices and dummies exciting

Sense of arousing, awakening, animating and awe inspiring….

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