A browser to bowl us over!

A browser to bowl us over!

April 2, 2011….

Wankhede stadium frenzy was brought alive on the big screen, all of us glued to it, leaving behind our chores, schedules, meetings, study and work. Nothing in the world could be traded with the enthusiasm and exuberance happening at this moment, an Indian win in the final of the world cup played between India and Sri Lanka was fervently prayed by the cricket crazy nation and I was very much part and parcel of this mania! Chanting slokas to appease every God to make it happen.. And then it happened…no…not the win but in the penultimate over, the power conked out and the backup generator just would not start, playing spoil sport in our delirium which had now reached a crescendo! A smart guy took his phone out and tried to get the live action on it but the browser did not match his smartness and refused to co-operate and we were left high and dry! If only UC browser was there….sigh…It taught me a lesson the hard way – switch to UC browser and never to miss the action anytime, anywhere!

UC browser is a super fast browser that is available for a variety of platforms to do wonders in search and play! It is the next gen application giving instant live updates on games, scores, statistics and all what we look forward to in a game that is watched in the stadium and mind you, all these come absolutely free and uninterrupted. No lags, no pauses, no buffering, all smooth and seamless that redefines surfing! A sure and faster way of browsing that helps you to be in the thick of cricketing action while doing the regular work at the same time. Now I can eat, drink, study, cook, work, romance and party but also be in the gallery to watch the beauty of the game, a grand stand view indeed!

   Cricket is always around us in the form of test cricket, limited overs match or the latest trend of the shortest format, the 20-20 and we must be ever ready to be stumped or bowled over! A game that glorifies batting, bowling and fielding, all rolled in one! The grace and poise of a cover dive, the ruthlessness of a pull shot, the cheeky edge past the wicket keeper leave us enthralled. The fiery run of the bowler sending shivers down the spine of the batsmen and the googlies that trick them is an eclectic mix that one can ill afford to miss. A single ball may turn the tide, a wonderful catch can save a match and a sixer off the last delivery can seal the win and the cup! The players set many a milestone and records that are shattered by the minute; this 22 yarder is a treat to the statistics minded too! For all those who think that it is 11 fools playing and 11000 fools watching think twice; see a game of cricket with an unmatched browser and let the euphoria engulf you and I am sure you will surrender to the religion called cricket!

“Patriotism is, fundamentally, a conviction that a particular country is the best in the world because you were born in it….”George Bernard Shaw

And the game of Cricket in India is a pseudonym for patriotism, a game invented for eternity. We breathe and live by it and the rules are ingrained in the minds every of Tom Dick and Harry or should I say Meera, Tanzil and Antony!

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