The nourishing nectar!

The nourishing nectar!

32, 34, 36, 38, 40…even numbers you think?…hold your horses, dear readers, these are my waist sizes growing by the day. Slim waist, toned body, flat tummy are now things of the past. My stomach is literally six pack or more with bulges of fat and no muscle! Binge eating has become the order of the day with scant regard for health and fitness. Who can give deep fried crispy samosas or vadas a miss? Not me, never…a foodie that I am! Outgrowing the clothes in the closet like a bubbly teenager is not at all forthcoming for a 45 year old middle aged woman with umpteen health issues to boot! 

The alarm bells are ringing…take control before fat takes you over! And then I decided enough was enough; sneakers were searched and dusted, the brisk morning walks were back, breakfast replaced by cereals and lunch by salads, yoga, which has taken India by storm, was introduced to my stubborn and unyielding body but the icing on the cake of good health was Dabur Honey, the nourishing nectar! 

The golden liquid manna is a bonanza for looking and staying young. The calories are taken care of by the vitamins and antioxidants present in honey and it aids digestion easily. The age old grandma’s therapy of honey for fighting coughs and cold is an astounding remedy in today’s polluted environs. It also tones the skin and nourishes it to a glow that will make people around you go green with envy!

The scientific process for testing the quality of real honey by aficionados and beekeepers has been adopted by Dabur which makes it really a jackpot towards health. Honey aids are subsistence and sustenance of good life. It has become a prerequisite for avoiding diseases and ailments caused due to over eating, abusive eating and binging. 

Honey is a complete food as it contains nutrients, minerals, vitamins, proteins and amino acids and these are the building blocks for a healthy body. One can replace sugar with honey in our beverages, can use as spreads on bread, and many of our favourite sweets can be made with honey! So if you are on the lookout for an healthier alternative then switch to honey, it will do a world of wonder to your body and soul! I would love to post pictures of me prior to having honey in my diet and post the switch; but that will be too much of blowing one’s own trumpet and I leave it to the readers to try the magic potion themselves to see the results! You will be gloating with pride on the all new looks that will kill!

All it takes is two spoonfuls of the golden syrup to stay young, healthy and well nourished; after all, a healthy mind is in a healthy body! Take care and say yes to honey!

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