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Perplexities in life with too many choices lead to indecisions which in turn make us to turn to the most reliable person in one’s life for plain answers.
Till this moment I have never been a contemplator and always believed in following my mind whenever faced with challenges, however there arose numerous occasions that have turned my brain into a clutter head devoid of that crackling solution.
More often than not, problems when shared with people never result in solutions as few of them just do not care and the vast majority gloat in the sadistic pleasures that you have them!
Ultimately we are independent of the opinion and advice of these sets of people and show our reluctance to receive if any at all.
Though all of us put our past behind us irrespective of the outcomes on several decisions taken impulsively or after much care, it is still important to learn from them as hindsight is always a good teacher. But whenever faced with a question as to ” are you glad that you took this choice/ decision/ opinion/ option?” our obvious answer would be ” yes…but”. We must live in the present but all the same prepare for the future as adversaries are bolts from the blue and catch us off guard.
So be it the past, present or the future, I have had the privilege of my kith and kin bailing me out from being knocked over.
In my childhood days, it was my father who steadied the ship and showed the beacon resulting in absolute placidity in the sea of storm. He is like a rainbow in the cloud offering readymade colours to the greys of life!
In marriage, the next crucial phase of life, I found a partner who was a diligent decision maker with spontaneity and aplomb. This is very well demonstrated in buying a house or a car or admitting our son to the college or in investment. He guides our family to build our dreams and take small steps which are gigantic in recognition and we prefer to follow his recommendation and judgement. His suggestions like my father’s are indeed two cents worth!

Not always advocacy is in terms of words or opinions, it may assume gestures such as a tight hug suggesting “what we did is just right” or a patient ear which is akin to directions or a heart that apprehends and sympathizes. It is equivalent to adjusting the sails of the yacht but not precisely changing the direction!

Sometimes advice comes in a wee bit late by which time we have taken the fall and the risk is on us but it may still be worth at least to prevent the slide! There is the added charm of taking guidance from elders due to the long years of experience accompanied by errors in judgement!

Thus life is a game of dice which has lots of hits and misses too but we will remember the words of wisdom and the words of silence from dear and near!

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6 thoughts on “Advice-supply>demand!

  1. On all important issues relating to one’s life,it is good to seek the views of knowledgeable people related to the field who are well wishers and honest.If the issue is of big nature,there is no harm in seeking a second opinion.Finally it is the responsibility of the individual to weigh in the recommendations and arrive at the right course of action.In matters of finance,job selection,choice of career,investment one should be guided by the experts in whom there is faith and confidence than by close relatives unless they are competent in the domain.

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    • Thank you for your thoughts KP sir on this one and I accept them whole heartedly because many a time the so called ” experts” view have fallen flat but due to our own judgemental abilities we have bailed ourselves out thereby preventing from falling into the abyss!
      However I take it with a pinch of salt when you say that close relatives may not be competent to give opinion unless experts in that field for, matters have been otherwise in my case!


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