Refashioning by metamorphosis!

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Refashioning by metamorphosis!

My domain, undoubtedly the kitchen as that is where I spent most of my waking hours minus some time for work! So whatever makeover I think in my house starts at the place that churns out delicacies atleast four times a day. My son often exclaims that it is one portion of the house that is open 24×7 and never the shutters are down!

Even at the time of purchase of the house, I was particular about the size and ventilation of the all important part of a home where hearts, minds and stomachs meet!

I am lover of nature and blues and greens are the closest to my heart and I chose the fabulous shade of jade for my space of culinary skills and gastronomical delights. I am pretty sure that this colour would be like a jaded gem in the house! I have taken a screenshot of that favourite spot with the superb hue of jade which I am sure is going to make you, my lovely readers go green with envy! This was possible courtesy and the brilliant tools and themes on offer.

Screen Shot 2

And now folks turn your beautiful eyes to my next favourite corner …the master bedroom, a cosy place to curl up after a hard day at the office, a cool comfy bed with walls that capture the sea and the sky in all its magnificent charm. I am fascinated with the serene sea and that ambiance is brought about with this wonderful shade of blue! The contrast of the drawings and the tapestry do a world of good to the tired soul! Blue always has a soothing effect on the body and mind and we have a good night’s sleep dreaming of good things and wake up fresh and livid in the morning ready to take on the day’s ups and downs!

Screen Shot

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