In fine fettle!

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Games and sports were an integral part of my growing up years and I was always a Tomboy climbing trees, riding bicycles and indulging in all and sundry activities deemed fit for boys. It was badminton and hockey in my formative years and cricket in college and all the games earned me coveted prizes and laurels but above all these activities ensured that I was in ship shape health!

Over the years, education, work, marriage, child bearing have changed the level of activities and I have become more sedentary with lifestyles that send alarm bells from the system but more often than not I tend to ignore these warning signs due to different priorities and hardly get any time to self pamper and indulge in care.The paunchiness and the plumpiness started raising their ugly heads everywhere and the slim and trim figure gave way to a rotund structure showing prosperity and corpulence! The blubber was hard to conceal and tight fitting costumes gave way to loose garments to hide the bulges. Walking even a few steps seemed herculean and cumbersome, getting weary at the smallest of chores became an ordinary affair. The abundance was exciting in the beginning but gradually as I blew more candles and the age counter moved up, the thrill gradually became a cause for worry! And the quote by Robert had more meaning in my life!

“Whenever I feel like exercise, I lie down until the feeling passes.”
– Robert Hutchins

Now in mid fifties with all the “droid” syndromes such as fibroid and thyroid making life miserable, time has indeed come to work towards a healthy lifestyle to bring back the lost glory!  Daily exercise has become the order of the day and a strict eating regiment the need of the hour. No binge eating and no couch potato but a balanced wholesome and nutritious food with lots of activities have become the health mantra. Eating right and sleeping right with ample outdoor sessions will surely enable me to stay right. Undoubtedly, this new programme yields fantastic outcomes that make us fresh and with full of vigour.  

As a combo offer, we do get the added benefit of a healthy mind free of depression, anger, insomnia and bad relationships! A person who passes cheerfully through life beating the stress would definitely stay more healthier and happier without the burden of diseases. Good health can be bought with good food, healthy medium of oil like Saffola and moderate exercises early in the morning before the brain realizes what the body is doing..

Our principal wealth is health and good investment in this asset brings prosperity and abundance of joy and happiness. 

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