Nexus 5X, the stunning beauty !

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Champ from LG, the nexus 5X

                                     For me, nature has been the greatest evangelist and I am truly inspired by the grand canvas it paints in my mind. 5X from Nexus with its brilliant camera with mindboggling pixels of   1.55μm

has brought the spectacular dawn and dusk images into my gallery and the f2.0 aperture captures them with such clarity and contrast that stuns  ordinary mortals like me! The flaming oranges and the mellow yellow or the full white moon are etched in the frame of the nexus and we go over them time and again till our hearts are pleased and satiated, thanks to the immediate saving, storing and synchronizing with Google and its plethora of applications. Recalling these pictures is at my fingertips and replayed with the very same clarity.  Now, white clouds traversing in the azure blue sky forming myriad shapes stoke the fire of imagination. The rain bearing clouds ready to burst at the slightest instant, kissing the tops of the magnificent mountains can be shot with utmost precision that hits the jackpot! The wondrous hues of the rainbow can be taken with each vibrant colour looking prominent and bright.

                  The meandering crystal blue river with the brown sandy beaches and the green coconut trees swaying by the coast are brought alive by the all powerful Nexus that pips all other smart phones in this price bracket! True value for money as the “camera” has become an integral part of any smart phone.

                 The awe inspiring Android experience grows with each upgraded version and Marshmallow is a beauty. It is really easygoing, simple, transparent and big hearted! A simple tap on the applications and the gorilla glass display is only too eager to please us, ably backed by the snapdragon processor that makes things happen at the blink of an eye! The remarkable speed and accuracy is the biggest unexpected extra that is a bounty unmatched by others!

               The out of the world superlative features of the Nexus 5X from LG are; first and foremost, the spectacle of exhibition which is in the form of 5.2 inches of sheer ostentatiousness that makes our hearts go dhak dhak!  Next, is the processor that is mind blowing and staggering in agility and snapping like a dragon! And last and undoubtedly not the least is the eye that captures everything from the animate to the inanimate in all its natural glory!   

Have a look at the images captured by the lens of the Nexus 5X…see them to believe them!




In darkness with lights OFF

In lights compared with Iphone 5C

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