Mom of the nineties – part 2


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The seven ages of man, a brilliant poem by William Shakespeare has a profound impact on us. The first stage of “an infant mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms” is the verse that has meaning here. The part 2 of my post delves into more tips and treats of babies and the well being of their tender skin!

And ohhh… these aunties and cousins have all the bad habit of pulling the baby’s cheeks and smooching their face with kisses. This causes lot of irritation and the hands of the adults may never be free from germs which are faithfully passed on!

Calling the baby from behind when the baby is lying on the bed is a strict No No as this call of yours tempts the baby to respond and will try to roll his or her eyes backward which causes damage to the infant’s retina.

A newly born baby has the probability of getting juvenile jaundice and can be found out by the yellow colouring of the white of the eyes. The natural way of treating this is to hold the baby gently in the arms and exposing them to morning sunlight.

When the babies start to roll over, there is always the threat of them falling from the cradle or the cot and parents must ensure that there is protective cushioning all around. Falls lead to cuts and bruises which causes abrasion on the delicate skin and we must be ever watchful of their rapid movements.

Then comes the onerous task of them crawling on their soft knees on the smooth or rough or whatever surfaces they are let loose with and those squishy knees can become sore. It is important to safeguard those active crawling knees with lubricating gel.

A warm bath with the aromatic oil massaged into the scalp of the head and the body is a must for a glowing soft skin that has far reaching benefits in the long run. This also guarantees a sound sleep resulting in a sound body.

Utmost care must be taken with regard to the selection of toys that includes rattlers and chewy stuff. The rattlers must have smooth finish devoid of any colours and chemicals and must have no sharp edges, after all, anything in the baby’s hand goes directly to his or her mouth! The toys must be in accordance with the age and be given to the babies only when adults are around as they are vulnerable to choke on them!Also toys have to be light weight and easy to handle such that they do not poke on their soft delicate skin.  

As the baby tries to sit, we must make sure that if and when she  or he falls back, the head is well protected with soft cushions and pillows. A bump on the tender head is really really painful. Moreover the central portion on top of the tiny head is the most softest and most sensitive.

And a word of caution for the parents…it is advised not to wear any jewellery or watches when you are holding the baby or carrying them in your arms, this will definitely hurt the baby’s soft skin. And mothers, do not wear flowers in your hair as the child is bound to grab the hair and the flowers and put them straight into the mouths. It is better to always tie up the hair rather than letting them loose as they may get tangled in the tiny fingers of the babies.

I had immense fun writing on babies and it brought a truck load of memories on the care that I took on bringing up two boys and look back with nostalgia!




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