Begin again…


Begin again…my scrapbook!


Ebbs and tides of a bygone year

Piggyback with cheer, sometime a tear

Accompanied moments of wistful bear

Hearts and flowers of memories recapture


Alleviated spirits with sublime pure

Elementary matters transporting unknown sphere

Melancholy cycles dealt in fear

Jubilant sense of ecstasy in absolute sheer


Craving of ambitions, greedy with lustful desire

Appetite that is voracious asking for more

Contentment buried, gay abandonment to disappear

Oblivious of compassion, lunging despair


Worthy days of value turned dear

Reliving, summoning past to remember

Wrongs woeful to ponder and free the error

Set them right to be precise, perfect and proper


Dauntless resolves to desist and forbear

Restrain but indulge in passionate fervour

Shedding venerable objects of matter

Bounce and spring to relations eager


Threshold of a brand new age we usher

Hallowed celestial at this juncture

Bid farewell only to rise clear and higher

Bowing to Providence, the prime mover



(The poem is written in monorhyme format that has similar sounds ending throughout.)


At the very outset (amused to use this phrase at the fag end of 2015) let me have the pleasure of expressing my hearty thanks to you Guru for allowing my thoughts to take form through your blog. I feel ebullient and on top of the world – so 2015 is ending with a bang!

A calendar year has its peaks and troughs and each year is special and charming with intermediate doses of sourness and bitter thrown in between to make us grounded. After all gravity makes us rooted to terra firma!

It always feels great to recall the good moments that are so carefully safeguarded in the vault of memories and unleash them to the world! Ringing in the new year in my life so far has never been an affair of pomp and gaiety but ones of serenity, bonhomie and soulful in the wonderful company of dear and near. I have always felt that nothing in life is dearer and priceless than the adorable company of kinsfolk. Celebrations are usually in the form of lovely candle light dinners in cosy and warm places with the family to cherish for the complete year.

When my father came back alive from the claws of death in the year 1976, I think that was to me one year to embrace and I salute the Almighty for a fresh beginning.1991 was a watershed year with a double whammy, baccalaureate with a management degree and finding my partner for life- 12 glorious months of joy and happiness. Matchless are the joys of motherhood and 1997 and 1998 have been boon years on this front. The high points have all been pinnacles of personal glory with the elder son graduating with top honours and getting into a college of his choice. The most blissful moment of 2015 has been that of my hubby getting the opportunity that he was waiting for all his life and me “waiting “ with bated breath to see the light of day of that magical wish come true. I take immense joy in others’ exaltations and these give me a real high!!!

The trenches of despair are part and parcel in the journey of life as the counter moves from one location to another, so do my kith and kin pass away to another realm, missing their presence is sorrow of the deepest kind. The havoc wrought about by nature’s fury was devastating and the sense of helplessness adding to the dimension of grief and sadness. The letting down of friends and relatives, who failed to recognize my endearment, is the nadir of the disappointment and I fervently hope that blood is proved thicker than water.

Resolutions….aha…they pop up at the tail end of December with absolute resilience to look where I stand against where I intended to be, giving a fresh and eager start to accomplish the near impossible such as healthy hogging, soaking in new skills, to be wowed by wanderlust, to let loose the angel in me and to vacuum clean my mind of cynicism, counter blows and cruelty!


6 thoughts on “Begin again…

  1. Sweet sour memories, cycles of melancholy, ambitious cravings, reliving the past and then bouncing back to a new beginning. Loved the resumption of your scrapbook and reading about the snippets from your life Sunita. 🙂
    Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year.

    Please write more often on this wordpress blog. This request is out of self interest as wordpress is easier to follow from the dashboard. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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