Nirvana on peppy planet!

Continuing my interstellar voyage on blogosphere –(hyphen) Zica or extending into the newly discovered colossal planet that holds me in absolute awe, my life is #fantastico,  a spectacular celestial fireworks with sparks that zests up my soul and spirit!!!

I navigate into the unknown and unexplored, to dock into a virgin territory, a colony of none, to be wonderstruck and left dazed and dumbfounded!  Am I alone on planet nine with a trillion questions on mind- am I in the solar system, our milky way or am I kicked out into another…

There is another Sun at the centre of my universe, spectacular and supreme and I bow my head in all reverence. At a loss for words and feeling upbeat and peppy at the gargantuan sphere of essays, poems, travel diaries, gadgets, lifestyle, politics, society…the list is seemingly endless, eternal like the universe…

Every morning is a gilded morning with beautiful sunshine and sky painted in myriad colours, an arcadia of a promised land with azure blue seas and canopies of green strewn everywhere. An empyrean kingdom in this slingshot orbit promises nirvana and eternal bliss. A state of absolute joy with glorious melodies adding zest to our lives! The impact of the sacramental symphony of music in about umpteen dimensions is beyond my wildest dreams, indescribable in the best of flowery English language!

The spirits alleviated in sublime glory to live and relive every moment with jubilant sense of ecstasy transporting us to that zeniths of ecstacy. Confident, agile, innovative and zippy like the Tata Zica are the essays and articles that thrust us into a propulsive momentum to explode with sheer glee.

This ball of fire spins us to web a weave of tale with magic and surprises that attracts others to my hall of fame. Expressions that is sprightly, zingy and full of energy to baffle the occupants aka the readers! My tales take people for a peppy ride to the world of passion, pride and pleasure.

Let me hook you up with entertainment to last a lifetime, music of words that takes you places like never before. Connect, link and tag along to scout, delve, burrow and traverse through myriad fables of folklore. A country’s unity in all its glorious diversities is brought alive through letters of mastery and wizardry, capturing hearts and minds as we embark on this discovery. An eclectic mix of idyllic agrarian with the bustling metropolis is vividly portrayed in the written discourses.

Millions of manuscripts resonate in tandem with the thoughts of the citizens across the length and breadth of the luminous body, unadulterated, no holds barred free ruminations, cerebrations and reflections! The prose and poetry are on the house, costing nothing but enriching in every dimension!

Live your moment…

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on
IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

4 thoughts on “Nirvana on peppy planet!

  1. Hi Sunita, Enjoyed reading this account of travel through the blogosphere into the galaxy of with the essays, articles, poems, fables of folklore that propel the travelers into a state of creativity and joy much like the agile, innovative and peppy Tata Zica.

    Liked by 1 person

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