Peppy UK on a silver platter…

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

To run or not to run…this was never an option before a slow lethargic and sluggish me, not even during my hey days of wielding a hockey stick. I was the quintessential defender, hardly going beyond the 25 yards, but, for the occasional penalty push that came our way. Getting back to my territory was a herculean task after the shove and heave for the not so nimble footed and often I would prefer the opponent’s den which was way nearer! The words stamina and speed which are an integral part of any athlete were permanently deleted from my physical make up and try as I might; these traits refuse to take umbrage in me! So here I am fighting all odds to be part of a writing marathon that does not pain my limbs but pokes and prods my mental faculties to such an extent that I am huffing and puffing, ready to call it quits. The good Samaritans in the blogger world would not allow the bull to take a breather, no, not even a chew of the cud.

Here I am taking up the endurance race for the #TataZicaMarathon…

We meet people of different personalities in various walks of our lives, a few among them become our sidekicks due to their idiosyncrasies and match with our own wacky and unconventional behaviour patterns. One such freakish and out of the ordinary human being who fits the bill of a “quirky character” to the T is my bosom blogger buddy, an acquaintance, who turned into a chum within the shortest possible time.

UK, as he is fondly called and probably loves the sobriquet, is essentially a food blogger but has many aces up his sleeve. A master chef, a public relations guy, an event manager, a loving husband, a doting father and yes an adorable guy next door; packed like a dynamite with powerful ingredients. He is the charmer who can turn anybody’s bad day into a day of smiles and warmth owing to his pleasing demeanour and positive attitude. It is serious matter to be whimsical and full of banter and UK is a master at that. Undoubtedly, the phenomenal attribute to his character is the quality in speaking his mind out; brutally frank, forthright and fastidious in views; he does not mince words and calls a spade a spade. Although, personally I admire him for this remarkable quirk, on many an occasion, probably, this has been his undoing. But this does not stop this juggernaut from rolling in full grandeur and the outstanding superlative cook that he is, has presented many recipes with a flourish. He has dared to experiment on traditional cuisines with a dash of innovativeness and creativity that has brought laurels to him.

A sparkling, vivacious and peppy pal, UK is an entertainer par excellence who can play to the gallery with tremendous ease and aplomb. He can make his presence felt with the lip smacking dishes as well as his positive disposition. The impact  and influence of his outlook  on me is tremendous and mind blowing.

To be part of his wonderful food blogging journey, you may visit his page at, and I am sure you will find myriad recipes that will turn your mundane cooking to a delight and so will his formulae for life!!!

8 thoughts on “Peppy UK on a silver platter…

  1. I say this because they make me feel so important at times and even if we have never met, I always feel some friends know me much better than many more, with whom I might have spent a considerable number of years. One such person is Sunita Sriram from Bangalore whom I have never had the pleasure of meeting but we keep in touch regularly and this one post which she wrote about me, had me moved. Thank you Sunita for writing about me and mincing no words, you have come very close to describing me as a personality. Thank you so much  and reblogging your post here. 🙂

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  2. We strike a chord with certain people and they charm and power their pleasing ways onto us. We cherish such buddies wherever they are and tgis post is dedicated to one such pectacular

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