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A grand alliance of two minds, diverse or similar, resulting in holy matrimony is a milestone moment in the lives of mortals. The rituals associated with a South Indian Brahmin wedding is spectacular, awe inspiring, colourful and meaningful. The traditional customs and festivities culminate at the “muhurtham”, the sacred time of tying the knot or “mangalsutra” when the Sanskrit sloka “mangalyam Tantunanena mama jiivana hethuna; kanthe badhnami subhage twam jeeva sarada satam” resonates in the air.(Meaning of the verse: This is a sacred thread and is essential for my long life. I tie this around your neck O maiden having many auspicious attributes. May you live happily for a hundred years with me) . The beauty of this mantra is that it asks for long life for both directly and indirectly! However, this alone does not qualify for the holy union, but the magnificent seven steps or “saptapadi” around the sacred fire, as “Agni”, is considered as the deity who symbolizes purity completes the amalgamation of hearts, bodies and souls!!!

The connotation and significance of the seven steps or “saptapadi” around the holy fire are intense lessons of life that the bride and the groom have to lead together by example. The gist and the essence of the ceremonial seven steps are:

The first step – Duty of the groom to earn and provide a living for couple.

The second step – Building physical, mental, and spiritual powers in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The third step – Right and proper means of living so as to increase the wealth of the twosome.

The fourth step – Acquire knowledge, happiness, and harmony by mutual love, respect, understanding, and faith.

The fifth step – To be blessed with healthy, righteous, and brave children for whom the couple will be responsible.

The sixth step –  For self-control and longevity.

The seventh step – To be true to each other, loyal and remain life-long companions by this wedlock.

Twenty five glorious years have whizzed past since me and my husband perambulated the sacred fire and in all earnestness lived the “saptapadi’ to the letter! As I sit reminiscing each and every moment of the enchanting and magical journey, embellished with joys and studded with sorrows, painted with a riot of colours and shades of grey, I contemplate on the wedding rituals and their implications two and half decades hence. Radical changes have taken place in our Indian society and mindset that it is only too apt to reframe the sacred seven steps’ meaning to make them more appropriate and relevant to the people at large. I boldly venture to do so and wait with hushed silence on the outcome of the acceptability of the same by the gregarious grooms and blushing brides of today!

The first and foremost step of a vow by the groom to be the sole bread winner and provider for the family, which in today’s inflationary conditions barely suffice and so the oath has to be in plural with cogs of the wheel of marriage agreeing to contribute to the earnings!

The second strapping step could figure more adjectives such as “technological” powers in order to ensure a healthy and updated lifestyle!

The third tremendous step could do with right and proper living, survival and sustenance of the fittest in a highly competitive world that edges out the inadequate and ill adapted!

The fourth filling step with power packed prefixes long deleted from the minds of the protagonists, have to be reintroduced with more zest and vigour, so as to make the twosome more unselfish, charitable and compassionate.

The fifth forcible step is to have children, in plural of course, and raise them as responsible citizens of tomorrow and who will in turn look after the dried leaves ready to fall and not feel them as excess baggage ready to be jettisoned!

The sixth stupendous step, beyond doubt, the need of the failing despicable hour, is self control in lust, desire, greed and avarice. Striving towards prolonging the life span to achieve immortality will never wane in the minds of the Earthlings and I dare not ask for an early exit.

The seventh supreme step has the utmost significance in today’s flippant world full of amorous and hedonistic thoughts and actions, and the magical words have to be reinforced and infused with fresh energy by jubilant silver jubilist like myself!

So, members of the fairer sex, get these timeless promises which are as sacred as the fire, from your partners, to lead a joyful and accomplished life!!!





23 thoughts on “Saptapadi

  1. First of all, my heartiest congratulations to you Sunita on your Silver Jubilee! Now coming to the topic, I must say that you have made a valid observation. Since adapting with the changing times is an essential survival skill, the institution of marriage also needs to adapt to remain #sadasexy, and what could be a better start than to begin with the seven vows. I found myself agreeing with all the suggested changes and particularly liked the addition of “technological” powers to the second vow. Bravo!

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    • Thanks Alok…the time just flew and here we are on the threshold of the unbelievable milestone…you are invited for the celebrations in August…welcome to Bengaluru..


  2. I am sure ‘Agni’ who is a witness to the seven step circular perambulation would not grudge the valid and reasonable amendments warranted by the long elapse of the time and change in living conditions!There should be unanimity among all concerned
    I have only one caveat to make.In the amended fifth step why do you impose on the children the responsibility to take care of the ‘dried leaves’? That smacks a bit of selfishness.There is no return obligation.
    Written humorously,you have emphasized on the dual responsibility in making the marriage successful in these changed and stressed times.

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    • KP sir, I think the nurturing and bringing up of children is akin to taking care of the aged parents not as a obligation but purely on the principle of duty and responsibility. We do not leave the dependent children in the lurch just because we have other things to do and similarly in old age, I strongly advocate the children to take care of them and not ignore them in their twilight years of insecurity and dependency.
      Despite much water flowing under the bridge, these sacred vows have gained more importance than ever before because of falling moral and social values.
      Thank you Sir for expressing your view point here, it motivates me to strive further and farther!


  3. This is a great take on the seven vows Sunita. And 25 years in this time is a super thing to celebrate. Congratulations to you. Perhaps the secret to a long and happy married life is in the new seven mantras penned down by you…..:)

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    • Sunaina, thanks for being here. Adaptability and adjustment are the keys to success in a marriage as well as in the rapid changing world :))) !!!
      Thanks for your wishes, well in advance as the D-day is only in August.

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  4. Sunita, What a creative thought to highlight the true meaning of progress on the occasion of Women’s Day! My compliments to you. And, my best wishes to you and your husband on your 25th anniversary

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  5. Thanks Leena for the wishes and for the appreciation on the version2.0 of is a landmark achievement in these modern days of intolerance at the drop of a hat! 🙂


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