Do I celebrate birthdays and what have I accomplished? Pertinent questions that were propelled in my brain as today happens to be mine…there is an inundation of greetings from bosom friends and folks who are prompted by the social media and of course my family, who never miss the boat; hubby, dad, mom and my kids necessarily in that order, for accomplishing a milestone in the journey of life. So on the threshold of 50( a good three years to goJ), I am on reflection mode, to take an introspective and contemplative look within and measure the life that I have so far lived and I feel that I have failed on the basic count of wishing my parents, especially my mother, who has borne the pain and labour to make me see the light of day. How self- centered I am, whereas the altruistic creator would be praying for my well being!

As I take the self assessment check today, I realize that childhood was indeed a breeze, pristine and carefree days with nothing to fret and fume about. Everything that I needed was available on a platter and erudition was an effortless process without pressure and pain. Games were a hot pursuit for me with occasional dabbling in debates and elocution.

Teenage was full of exploration, from the cocooned shell to liberation and unshackling of mind. Fledgling outfits, standing for social equality and egalitarianism crying for redistribution of opportunity and wealth on the one side and capitalists and bourgeois on the other, accumulating wealth and profits for oneself, became the order of the day and as the coteries battled it out in the temples of knowledge, the art, science and administration of Governance took a back seat in my mind.

20s, the age of relationships, agnosticism, vacillation, apprehension, ambiguities and uncertainties was an all new episode or chapter of my life with graduate school and marriage happening alongside each other even though I had stayed blissfully away from affairs and affiliations! The decade was a melange of events fluctuating and seesawing between the good and the bad with the scales finally tilting on the positives with two beautiful off springs to add colour and vibrancy to motherhood.

30s justified my presence on this planet with the bringing up of two whippersnappers and my decibel levels went several notches upward! It was a also a period of care and nurturing the elders in the family but whether I did justice to the responsibility bestowed on me becomes a perpetual point to ponder and reflect upon!

40s, a significant age of maturity with a reasonable amount of hair loss and weight gain, a number where I had all the moves but albeit at a slow pace making me to realize that it is the old age of youth and the youth of old age was not far beyond and just round the corner! The level of imperfections in all fields added as embellishments to my beauty and the list of undo ables messaged by motor neurons, a constant battle between fact and fiction! The wrinkles only an indicator where the smiles existed!

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Did these 40 plus years make me go on top of the ladder, wiser and more mature? Honestly, I do not know the yardstick for measuring these abstracts especially wisdom, except the measure of grey in depleting territory of black on my head, but these numbers may have taught me to more careful and ripened and I never lost sight of the memories in the ages I have passed by! I am still carefree, ready to rock and roll and read fairy tales and eager to be over the hill so that it is all down slope and I can pick up speed and it becomes a โ€˜smilestoneโ€™ and not a pile of groans!!!






53 thoughts on “(S)milestones

  1. All 4 decades summarized absolutely wonderfully…but your great write left me wanting to read on the 5th which I believe will follow the trend when it comes and goes by:)
    “Grow old along with me the best is yet to be; the last of life for which the first was made”
    Keep writing Sunita, best wishes:)

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    • Thanks Amit…the calendar just flips and the forties too become bygones ushering the fabulous fifties…wonderful to read your thoughts here!


  2. Wow, how lively and happy your life has been! From what i know you can be proud of your many glittering achievements though there are many more enriching and satisfying things you can do for you, your family and society.You are still young. Thank God for the blessings!
    Best wishes for a happy birthday.

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  3. What a pleasant read this one is! An introspection to the life in different stages with gleams of humour…just loved the way you’ve painted the colourful journey.
    Wish you a very happy birthday and many more years of achievement and fulfilment… ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. As usual Suni you have made out a routine birthday occurrence into an interesting anecdote.
    Wishing you all the best and many more years of delightful blogging

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    • Thanks a lot appa for making me realize that birthdays are just routine occurrences and one can retain the bitter sweet memories of the days gone by. Thanks for the wishes to blog to my heart’s content


  5. Your write up touched me Suni. My birthday greetings to you.It is not a special day for you but also to me as you were the first bundle of joy to us on the day you were born.Many many happy returns of the day to my dear daughter.wishing you all the best in the world.Once again wishing you Happy birthday. Your dear ammai๐Ÿ‘ช

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    • Thanks ammai for the hearty greetings and enjoying the post as much as you enjoyed received the first bundle of joy..your comments made my day!


  6. A very happy birthday to you, ma’am.

    Amazed you so vividly remember each of the decades…i can’t remember much of my young years, apart from that i enjoyed playing cricket and a few more pleasant memories here and there.
    I just wish to have a happy and healthy life, everything else is all secondary.

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    • Thanks for the wishes Alok..yes..ultimately staying healthy and happy without ny ill will or malice is prime and rest everything will follow. ..good karma
      Some of the childhood memories are vivid and they come out as torrents when the floodgates are opened:-)

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  7. Belated Happy Birthday Sunita. Your reflections touch the heart even of a stranger…I am glad you directed my way to this wonderful place at such a blissful occasion. Birthdays are special and you seem to have had many such days, with the warm wishes of so many loving persons around you.
    By adding that (S) to this milestone of your life, you have conveyed a subtle message…a very beautiful one! Stay blessed…now is the time to bask in the glory of all those years of ‘care and nurture’ and see how well they unfold! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  8. Many happy returns of the day, Sunita! I love your celebratory post. And of course, retrospection, reflection is always a good thing, so long as we take the good bits along and leave the less-than-good behind! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Love the quotes in your post! Especially the one “Age is an issue of mind over matter” I try and live it ๐Ÿ™‚

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  9. Nice recap of your journey Sunita. Teenage seems so long ago now, but decibel levels going up in the thirties and hair loss and weight gain in the forties is just what it is. You made an apt selection of the quotes. Wish you a happy journey and many more (s)milestones ahead.

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  10. Belated birthday wishes to you Sunita…I know it’s a month later!
    Beautiful piece of writing and enjoyed reading your journey. Age really is just a number isn’t it?…Wishing you many fun times in the coming years!
    You’re right, mothers do make it easy for us with their immense selflessness.I remember my mother’s decibel levels shooting through the roof during our teenage years ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I noticed your Amma & Appa have so sweetly commented on the post….that touched me too ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • AHhh..DD looks like I fished for compliments here…thanks for the sweet response and the wishes for my birthday..never mind that it is late as I am still gloating in the meteorite shower of them:)

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