The path to resistance – Horlicks IB #Immunity for growth meet

Horlicks immunity

Aha…the hangover after the Horlicks IB #Immunity4growth meet…and now comes the best part.. of reliving and reminiscing the moments of delirium!

attentive audience

The iconic Vivanta by Taj was the spectacular venue of the immunity meet hosted by Indiblogger and sponsored by the matchless beverage, Horlicks, we have all grown up with and still continue to grow…from Junior Horlicks to regular to Mother’s Horlicks to Horlicks lite…

It was an ecstatic evening to remember with the Mother’s day adding vibrancy to the celebrations. The opulent settings at the Vivanta beckoned all the bloggers from Bengaluru and beyond and many of us were there when the clock struck 4! As last minute finishing touches were being carried out by  IB, I waited with bated breath outside the conference hall with few unknown faces. In a matter of minutes, bonhomie prevailed and strangers till then, became friends and the evening was ignited. At the entrance, team IB got tech savy and the QR codes of the registered bloggers were scanned and the giant screens came alive with the names of the bloggers as they entered the razzle dazzle of the chandeliered hall.

fabulous 4

The fabulous four, an all moms crew, comprising of spectacular Shital (who blogs at,  knightly Kokila (find her awesome blogs on, Ravishing Rashmi (take a sojourn with her through and yours truly occupied the centre table. A thunderous clap emerged from the magnificent bloggers as Anoop in his true inimitable style kick started the programme by welcoming the celebrity guests, the “pop stars” who took care of the babies, the “mom stars” and the elite bloggers!

Anoop had the privilege of welcoming a versatile guest in the form of


Jill Castle, a multifaceted woman who is a nutritionist, a dietitian, a doting mother of four adorable kids, an author and a blogger! (Do not know how much more I have missed out on this remarkable lady from the United States) Her presentation on the need for complete nutrition in growing children in the age bracket of 7 and 14 was an eye opener! The alarming statistics of the under nourished children in India and the vulnerability of these youngsters to illness and sickness was a bolt from the blue. The revelation of the lack of micro nutrients, vitamins and minerals in the everyday diet of the school goers in India was startling and I am sure her in depth talk on the subject of immunity for growth had a tremendous impact on the audience. Her insightful words would have awakened many of us to spread the message of including the vital and essential food ingredients in our meals. Also, a strong message was conveyed by her on the ill effects of junk food, imported from her home state, which we Indians aped instinctively and indiscriminately! She also made a clear distinction between looking healthy and robust from the outside but actually being able bodied, hale and hearty from the inside. Building up a strong immune system in order to face the adversities of weather, infections, deficiencies are crucial for the growth of a child from within, maximizing his performance in all spheres of life. She emphasized on the concern of Indian mothers on the need for complete nutrition and providing that complete meal which is fortified with vitamins and minerals.

image 1

After the invigorating speech by Jill which set the tone for the evening, it was the turn of Amaan Khan, head of marketing GSK, to give us a brief insight on the brand giant called Horlicks and what the vision of the company was in terms of providing nutrition and immunity to the nutrition starved children of India. He had the acumen to take us into the 23 vital nutrients present in beverage and the role that these played in the well being of the children. He accentuated the role of micro nutrients in providing macro immunity and the requirements of supplements to enhance physical and mental growth. The two fold increase in the quantity of selenium and vitamin D in the formulation of Horlicks was highlighted by khan. These along with other basic 9 nutrients enhanced bone development, lead to healthier blood, bettered the concentration levels, increased the muscles and resulted in healthier weight gain. Good health and cognitive development in a child stems from a good immune system Horlicks has gone the extra mile to fill in the gaps in the micronutrient levels common in Indian children. Also, they have taken it upon themselves to participate in school campaigns and taken this message to the rural areas where the malnourishment is most obviously noticed and recorded.

The video clip made all of us misty eyed as it featured the undying sacrifice of mothers to bring up children.

What followed was a enlightening panel discussion which had among others, eminent participant such as Dr. Hegde from Apollo hospitals who gave us the scenario prevailing in Bengaluru. A renowned doctor and nutritionist told us about the need for a balanced diet regime which she summarized as 5 2 1 0 that is 5 fruits and veggies a day, 2 hours of screen time, 1 hour of outdoor activity and 0 sweetened drinks.

An interesting Q&A session succeeded the panel discussion making all the tables interactive and participating.

The surprise package in the itinerary was the quiz that grilled our brains to test our memory and attentiveness quotient! All the eggheads were at work for the next half an hour and the winner was table 9 who arose smarter whereas table 10 (yes, the perfect 10 table of the fabulous four emerged sharper) and table 6 came out stronger!!! The winners and runners up were richer by thousands and it was time to head to the gastronomically spread dinner. We had our plates, purses and mouths full indulging in the great varieties, photo ops and winning vouchers!

The icing on the cake, however was the group photo session with the clenching and pumping of fists accompanied by the war cry that brought the curtains down on a meaningful blogger celebration! I have relived each and every moment of the insightful gala event and the pleasure of doing so is immense.

image 2



My 50th post on wordpress…thank you

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  1. Well written, and congratulations on your 50th WordPress post, Sunita! Thank you for writing about the event, much appreciated! 🙂

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