Delightful delectables



A marvellous laid back Sunday evening with the weather Gods becoming a little courteous and understanding and therefore annulling the oppressive heat for a while lets in cool breeze. The cheer leaders were firmly in place rooting for the challengers or the riders but I was challenged as usual with the snack time looming large, along with the wafting of the breeze, had to bring in the aromatic tea tidbits. The assumption among the boys in the household is that there is a wizard at work whipping out ideas by the minute from a reinvented kitchen. If there was an award for the best incubator or R&D facility, it had to be the groovy cook houses of yours sumptuously!!!

Succour and remedy was available from and refreshments were out on the hungry plates in less than 30 minutes and I did feel like a magician pulling out rabbits out of a hat!!!

kothambir 1
The fritters after microwaving
kothambir 2
The dough with all the ingredients
kothambir 3
The finished product

Shital, UK  and to all the magnificent Marati Manoos…here is the Gurudakshina for the Kothambir wadi..happy faces, smacking lips and fulfilled tummies!

Can Mondays be anything other than manic???oh could be insane, psychotic, berserk, flipped  ..

Abundantly stocked with onions in an otherwise less onion no garlic kitchen, courtesy a free delivery without order from left me with tears in my eyes rummaging for formulae that could bring cheers and stuff the different sized lunch boxes. But there is always a saving grace, a redeemer who can bail you out from a catastrophe. This time, the lunch boxes that were devoid of tasty fillings were abracadabra packed with piquant parathas and the saviour was

co 1
The dough ready







The steaming parathas with dollop of ghee
The finished product from Suni’s mess’y’!

The carrot and onion paratha was delectable and took care of the surplus of onions. Oye to the prodigious Punjabi puthars for the plethora of pleasant parathas!

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