Are you readyyyyy to gooooo????

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback. Discover the beautiful beast in all its glory here…

Are you readdyyyyy… goooooo ????? Zip zap zoom with the DATSUN  beauty through the elevated corridors or the narrow by lanes or explore the off road with consummate easy, maneuverability and dexterity.

Automobile giant Nissan is launching the Datsun Redi-go, the compact crossover and urban hatchback that will make heads turn with its streamlined body and gritty looking front grills. This compact car is a stunner with its breath taking exteriors, awesome interiors and sheer power under the hood too which is going to make other cars in the category a run for their money!

DATSUN, the brand that is the show stopper for Nissan Motor corps with DAT abbreviated for Dream, Access and Trust and the car in essence is what the acronym stands for, keeping in mind the expectations of the vibrant new generation!

For the car aficionados, the pride from Nissan’s trusted stable is going to bowl them over with features that are non pareil. Join me for a sneak peek into the beauty of a beast! The swanky forward looking Yukan design which is in vogue and up to the minute catches the eyes of the trendy youth of today. The “tall boy” stance makes you feel that you are driving an SUV and you can look “down upon” your contemporaries! Peep in through the sleek windows and you are in for a revelation. The interiors are spacious with room for five people with ample space for luggage too. The dashboard is elegant and alluring with the up to date technology in the form of a digital tachometer, a drive computer, a shift indicator and a splendid audio system that is music to your ears!!!

Look under the hood and the I –SAT engine drives bees into other cars’ bonnets. The 800 CC engine gives an astronomical 25km to a litre that is really stupendous when driving in the harsh city traffic and rising fuel costs! Now going into the narrow bazaar roads would be child’s play with the astonishing turning radius of 4.7 metres!

The Datsun Redi-go has undergone the crash test, is UN 94 compliant that makes it a safe bet and is more or less impregnable when it comes to collision with its reinforced crash protection shell, augmented braking system and air bags.

The price….aaahhaaa…it is a steal with 2.39 lakhs …pinch yourself to believe what you just read…

The three outstanding features that appeal me the most are:

  • The high ground clearance at 185mm which is phenomenal for the compact urban cross and ideal for the umpteen speed breakers in our teeming metros.


  • The stunning dash board with the ideal gear shifting indicator is of immense help under stressful city bumper to bumper traffic where the fuel consumption is the maximum.


  • Unbeatable aspect that is a Datsun trademark is the Pro safe 7 ensuring absolute safety and security for the driver and the passengers with the distinct advantage of performance augmented braking and reinforced crash protection shell along with air bags boosted by energy absorbing steering.

prosafe 7

prosafe 7


So I am heading to the Nandi hills mountains to test drive the all new Datsun Redi – GO and here is why..

Firstly the smooth elevated tollway where the real test of the behaviour of the car in high speeds is known, find out if it is noise free and the tyres respond to breaking instantly and past the high speed lanes, into the jam packed roads of Bengaluru, shift to lower gear to verve up the curvy slopes of Nandi hills and check the handling and steering maneuverability. Also the gear indicator would help us to get the ideal conditions for shifting. Then the great off roaders into the muddy, rough and bumpy roads that confirms the car’s ground clearance beyond doubt making the body and bumpers without dents and damages!

See how it flies and how the wind blows at the twitter handle


Hear your heart beat go dhak dhak with this fantastic video..


Image and video courtesy :

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7 thoughts on “Are you readyyyyy to gooooo????

  1. Wow! That is an excellent introduction to what seems a fabulous car.You have left nothing to imagination giving every essential with pictures to corroborate your praise for the vehicle.The values that the acronym DAT stand for are admirable.the price is too good to be true for the features provided.
    Had you not taken the academic line, you would have made for a top notch sales Director!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha ha..:)So I have a worthy job at hand in case my students cannot take my lectures any more!!! Thanks KP sir for the generous dose of appreciations – I feel inundated with the encomiums! Yes, The Datsun Redi GO does seem like real value for money!


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