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Announcement Photo Poetry : Moon Photography

After awesome response to

This week I am presenting a third version of Photo Poetry for lovely readers. This is inspired by an attempt in weekly photo challenges Curve, where I have posted the above photograph of Moon. Request My Lovely Poet Bloggers to try your words on Moon Photography. Thanks in advance and much excited about your responses!

Moon Photography Photo Poetry Instructions

  • You need to play with words on the given Moon Photography
  • Your poetry must be less than six lines, strictly to follow
  • You have to submit the poetry here in comments of this post
  • Timeline is 24 hours from the time, when this post is live
  • After you submit the poetry, I will convert…

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11 thoughts on “Requesting Photo Poetry on Moon Photography

  1. “As the dark nights rope, you dawn like a smile of hope
    Shining brightly like a white pearl, in the dark skies as if to unfurl
    Playing hide and seek, checking if I would peek
    Beneath the silvery bales, beside the twinkling trails
    You shrink and stalk as I walk, trotting in the wilderness of my thoughts
    I wonder if you could talk, telling me about the mystery of your blots
    But then you quietly swell spilling a luminous spell
    Across the dark skies every time the night befell! “


  2. Sorry Mayura that this reblogged post from Zerocreativity at
    has caused confusion in your mind as I had not mentioned the same at the beginning. Extremely sorry for the fauxpa. The time line for posting in Zerocreativity is over and as these lines are spectacular, I do not want to lose them, now I have two options : I can remove the comment section and you could post this small poem in your blog or I could do a guest poetry in my post…please suggest on the way forward. Once again extremely sorry for the miscommunication.


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