One day in Bengaluru…

Does this sound like a sequel to “one night in Bangkok”,  then sorry for disappointing my dear readers, for there is no massage parlours or spas to pamper and lure, but the craters on the road could really get you there…well almost unless there is detour to heaven! And the garbage dumps could well be the aromatic and therapeutic standalone treatment!

Or the foamy Bellandur lakes could well be the jacuzzi with whirlpool tubs, massage jets and bubble baths that add sparkle to your travel weary bodies!

One day5

Well, if you are the adventure type, head to Silk board junction and one can have a field day fishing on the roads inundated with breached Madiwala lake and there are locals to support with makeshift nets and other fishing accessories. Falling hook, line and sinker are the hordes of commuters, in vehicles, not with snorkels and anglers though, lining the fishing camp with their overworked fingers on cell phones running out of messages on social media and the cars out of fuel, faces flushed and charged with restlessness, frustration, disappointment, irritation, anger, ready to scream, explode, but then the fishing scenes put them on hold. Boating comes next with fire and rapid action personnel accompanying you as tour guides for fear of getting carried away into the main storm water drains!

one day2

one day3

For the skylarks, a politician with a funny hat and goggles could take you for a ride on poor not so well fed asses and buffaloes. His voices of dissent would earn you yet another holiday with offices, schools and colleges shut fearing the donkeys’ outcries and splintering sound of glasses in the towering buildings!

v n

vn 4

vn 3

vn 5

For the laggards and lazy bones, who prefer to idle away in front of their tellys or updating their statuses on WP and FB, the sedentary and inert lame duck administration, with their quick fix solutions or lack of them, will fulfil your dreams by not resolving the pressing appeals of hapless BMTC workers.

one day7

Well, if you thought these spontaneous freewilled holidays could give you time to blog, then think again, as this girl studying in Christ University faced the music for venting ire on her alma mater through her blog, for not declaring holiday on days of strikes!

All hexed, vexed and perplexed Bangaloreans can do is to sing along with me “one day in Bangalore…”and enjoy the bounty city…”Guru…banni..haadonna..”!!!

32 thoughts on “One day in Bengaluru…

  1. It’s still ‘namma bengaluru ‘ ? 😉
    Rain every year seems to cause pain either scanty or excess. we’re yet to see major showers. an hour ‘s rain is sure to cause water logging and problems to commuters. still people in Jaipur would love lots of rain! Cause we don’t get much of it!

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    • You said it right..there are only states..too much or too overnight rain in Bengaluru the day before wrecked havoc with the infrastructure collapsing. The civic authorities look the other way whenever problems are bound to happen and jolt themselves awake once the mayhem is caused…pathetic stories in all metros and major cities with rampant and haphazard town planning..

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      • In my opinion, the civic and public both are to be blamed for haphazard construction. we all love to break rules for some petty gains! The civic authorities are not aware as to what is to be done in such situations, they have never undergone any training or courses. They don’t have resources to manage these situations. If they have , they are ill managed such that they are in need of repair when situation arises. …I can go on…..
        Sometimes, I feel that’s how things will be around us, cause none of us want to change…us, the public and authorities! that’s a sad reality.

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      • Absolutely Arv, I thing you hit the nail on its head..the citizens are equally at fault as they are ready to grease the palms of any Govt/civic official to get their things done. Adding to the woes, is the repair/maintenance works that are invariable carried out during monsoons, and left unfinished with debris/ gaping manholes/ drains dug out with the garbage piled up on sides and never cleared that are accidents waiting to happen..sad state of affairs indeed!

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  2. We see heavy rains every year and still the civic authorities are caught unaware every year! It’s the same story in every metro city, forget about smaller towns. Now, we are hearing of smart cities and let’s hope that at least the governing bodies of the smart cities will be smart! 🙂

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    • The concept of parallel smart cities looks very good and the migration from crowded metros need to happen very soon as most of these are bursting at its seams. Yes, the town planning dept has to be smart(in the superlative sense) and corruption need to be weeded out at that level as we have excellent laws and jurisdiction on paper but hardly any implementation!

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  3. When my mom told me about the fishing nets I thought she was kidding! Didn’t hear about the suds though! Oh my dear Bangalore! 😦
    This is sad because Bangalore rains were a thing of pleasure, filled with pakodas & petrichor and now!
    That said, an article suffused with wit & humour Sunita:)

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    • Yes,DD Monsoon brings so much joy to the starved lands and people but the metros are bearing the brunt of poor and rampant construction with uncleared debris and clogged drains resulting in rains becoming a bucket of woes!
      It is depressing to see our lovely hometowns ruining in front of our eyes and man’s avarice is the ONLY cause!

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    • And DD, had to be cynical and sarcastic on this to let out my frustration as I was a mute witness to the drama and tamasha unfolding before my eyes for 3 long hours in silk board junction. Adding insult to injury, were the local channel reporters decking themselves in cars at the scene blissfully oblivious of the further hardships they are causing to the public and traffcic!

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      • I totally understand Sunita… Conversations with parents these days mostly involve the pains my dear Bangaloreans are facing because of negligence by higher authorities ….The fact that it is a sad state is an understatement…
        Silk board Junction can be quite a nightmare at most times and now with this havoc I can’t imagine the frustrations of the daily commuters…

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  4. We all live on hope that one day a messiah like Lee Kuan Yew, who turned Singapore around, would recreate that kind of magical change in India too…well it is not impossible to turn each state into a well managed and administered one..


  5. I see this phenomenon of floods and inundation since last two years inmany major cities.The annual monsoon if it is copious will leave behind some discomfort but not to this huge extent submerging houses, roads, and rendering people homeless.There is something seriously wrong in the way drainage of water is designed.What held good decades back may be absurdly inadequate.This needs to be addressed in metros and major cities with cocomitant remedial measures in town planning.

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    • Yes..absolutely KP sir, even in terrains where there is a natural draining of rain water due to soil, have been turned into waterlogged inaccessible places only due to the rampant construction of buildings throwing caution to the winds.
      Adding insult to injury is the excessive migration into certain parts of India which are not ably supported by infrastructure and often the civic authorities are caught unawares of the sudden spurt in population.
      Thanks for your thoughts and inputs on this one.


  6. Hey 🙂
    I just discovered your blog and I like it! 🙂 This post was very intersting for me to read, because before I did not know much about Bengaluru.
    Maybe you want to take a look at my blog too? That would be awesome! 😀
    Yours, littlegreenraven

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  7. Hey Sunita…liked the way you have used humour to vent out the frustrations. The plaight of mumbai is no different. First we feel the heat due to no rains, and then when it rains people have to wade through water filling up the craters on the roads. The concept of smart cities is in…but what about smart planning?

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    • Absolutely…the curse of Indian metros and the taxes that we pay go down the drains..literally! Deluge or drought, we the hapless citizens fall prey to the callousness of the civic authorities!

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