Arcadia…never never land…

I am blogging about my dreams and passions for the Club Mahindra#DreamTrails activity at BlogAdda.

Daniell, Thomas, 1749-1840; Rope Bridge Over the Alakananda River at Srinagar, Garhwal
Daniell, Thomas; Rope Bridge Over the Alakananda River at Srinagar, Garhwal; British Library;

“Cling on the sides tightly”, shouted the tour guide as I swayed on the rope bridge, precariously hanging about seventy feet above the gushing river. I hung on to the ropes just like scores of other tourists on the bridge and the feeling of exhilaration engulfed all of us. We were indeed one with nature with all its bounty – mammoth mountains, rapid rivers, colossal cascades, fabulous flora and fauna and generous spread of lilacs, violets and dancing sunflowers. With each step on the pulsating bridge, our hearts throbbed with excitement.



On the other end of the walk of life, was the grand SUV, the Mahindra Scorpio ready to ferry us off the road into the mystical mountains with magnificent animals. The ascent was very steep and each hairpin bend made us closer to the roof of the world, ahhh.the clouds seemed just a hand away and we were lured to grab the foamy lather forming myriad shapes and we watched in utmost glory at the creator’s symphony. The view from the elevated mountain roads was breathtaking and all the trees looked like pygmies! The sight of an unexpected visitor in the form of a giant polar bear startled us out of our wits and we were glad that the ferocious beast in which we were cocooned in was a safe heaven.


The thunderous roar was a revelation and this was my Eureka moment – the cascading bluffs plunging down the ravines with a misty aura around them. It was playing peek a boo hiding behind a veil of smoke, suddenly appearing like a rabbit from a magician’s hat and the frothy spray was taking my breath away…And I could feel David Livingstone in flesh and blood!


Amidst the sound effects, we drove on our thunder down under right into the centre and for an ecstatic moment, felt like entering a worm hole oblivious of what was on the other side! The orchestra played by the Beethovens and Bachs in the serene forest was captivating and the melody of the rare winged species gave a semblance of what paradise would be like!

Reaching the pinnacle of the sun kissed snowy peak, I had the impression of conquering the world, a sense of triumph and annexation, seeing the Machu Pichu in real, a civilization cut off from the rest of the world covertly hidden and perceivable only to the audacious daredevils!


A swift drive down the serpentine roads brought us to the plains and my eyes opened wide in bewilderment – the pyramids of Giza rising like a phoenix in front of me, beckoned me and in I walked as if in a trance and briefly transported to the secret vaults of the mummified emperors with rich wealth for the after life!

egypt-cairo-pyramids-of-giza-and camels-2

The sparkle and glitter of jewels scattered over horizons of flaming yellow set in stark contrast of the lush green meadows and the blue azure sky was a fantasy trip to the land of utopia! The pies in the sky, illusions of unmatched brilliance, was a canvas with a riot of colours and my search for the eternal pot of gold ended with my alarm clock singing…”wake up, wake up, for it is a brand new day…”!!!








34 thoughts on “Arcadia…never never land…

  1. A glimpse of the title was enough for me to realise that you are about to treat us to some magical writing…
    Mesmerizing as always Sunita! Every bit is a meticulous description of the picture perfect scenes!
    I especially loved the part….No, I loved everything:)
    The dancing on the rope bridge brought back some warm memories from our trip to the Gokak hanging bridge.

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    • Thanks DD…appreciate your encomiums as always. Dreams do not cost a penny and I had the freedom to traverse round the world with some of the seven wonders…yes, rope bridges are daredevil acts:)

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  2. I never knew that words have such a magical power to bring distant scenes with all its awe ispiring and pristine beauty before our mental eyes without any dilution.Sunita, i am in awe of your wonderful skill in employing your words to magical effect.A memorable journey indeed across many lands!

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    • This is a deluge of praises from an erudite person like you and I am truly honoured to take you on a fantasy trip to faraway lands with words as the mode of transport! Merci KP sir for the meteor shower of accolades.


  3. It’s a pity this journey is only available in dreams and fantasy. If it were a real tour, I’d certainly sign up for it. (I might imagine a life jacket for myself when I was crossing that bridge, though.)

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  4. Hi Sunita,
    Your fantasy, incredible description and choice of words is unparalleled! I haven’t read such a captivating description of even a real trip…that is why dreams are considered to be more beautiful! I have read it twice and would like to read it once more for the sheer joy of reading such a delectable prose.
    I love your ‘Never Never Land’…if wishes were horses I would gallop away to the utopia of your dreams. 🙂 Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am elated at such a shower of encomiums and feel like living my dreams and taking my beloved readers on that trip! And this may be my biggest adventure too. Thanks Balroop for all the wishes.


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