Basic Electronics by G Ramaswamy,

Book launch 2
The cover page
Book launch 1
At the launch ceremony, with Mr.Nitin Shah, MD of Sapna Book House

I have the privilege and honour of presenting to my beloved readers and followers,, my husband G Ramaswamy, who has just authored an academic and technical book on the rudiments of electronics. The book is titled “Basic Electronics” and is a comprehensive textbook for first/second semester BE students coming under the ambit of VTU in Bengaluru. The book is a publication from Sapna Book House, one of the leading book stores in Bengaluru.

The author, Mr. G Ramaswamy has more than a decade of experience as a pedagogue in various technological institutions in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and the vast years of involvement and exposure has helped him immensely in writing this text book. Added to that, his stint as a freelance educationist,supporting students for projects has further assisted in his quest for knowledge.

Book 3
The Author G Ramaswamy with the display

This book is an outcome of his passion for books right from early childhood and the thirst for understanding concepts in depth.

It is a all inclusive text on the five modules as prescribed by the

VTU in strict adherence to the latest Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) methodology of study for the first and second semester students who are pursuing the Bachelor of Engineering degree.

The salient features of the book are:

  • Crisp and lucid explanation of the basics of the subject
  • All 5 modules covered in depth
  • Comprehensive analysis with appropriate circuits and diagrams to support the chapters
  • Seamless transition from one module to another
  • Plenty of review questions and University questions answered
  • Multiple choice questions aiding Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering (GATE) exam
  • Ready reckoner for key topics and elements that are useful from exam point of view


Presented below is a thumbnail of the book.

book 5

GR Cont 0GR Cont 1

GR Cont 2

GR content4

It is indeed gratifying to write the first review and give a concise summary of the book. Hoping that the students would be benefitted by the text and the author accomplishes the task of sharing his knowledge and expertise in this field.


28 thoughts on “Basic Electronics by G Ramaswamy,

  1. Hearty congratulations to Mr.Ramaswamy for bringing out this book that surely would serve as an invaluable guide to understand the subject.I hope this will be the beginning of many more books to follow for different levels from him..
    You have done a great job in giving the readers especially the students a peek into the contents of the book.The pictures are very good.

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  2. Congratulation to Mr. Ramaswamy for this great achievement!!! Lucky to be his neighbour, first of all. I am out of touch of this core subject for quite a long and was very happy to connect with these topics once again, quite effortlessly. I found the language to be very easy and understandable. I am no one to even try assessing his depth of the subject. But the way Mr Ramaswamy explained the concepts, it is very evident. Commendable job!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad that you were taken down memory lane and refreshed with all the concepts and theories of the rudiments of electronics. He was particular of making the language simple and lucid for ease in understanding and happy that you found it to be the way that he wanted it to be.You are being too humble Tanmoy and I am sure the valuable thoughts and insights would very well help him to improve upon the maiden venture to share the knowledge that he has with his beloved students.


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