Dear Zindagi



“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda”.

Dear Zindagi,

Zindagi na milegi dobara, (will not get chance to live life again) for there is no reset button but only rewind and fast forward to past and present, and so I feel it is appropriate that I express my profound gratitude to what you have given me in abundance. In this journey of 47 years, I have enjoyed in ampleness and endured in bounty, a weighing balance that is just and fair and the balance sheet summarizing assets and liabilities in equal measure; which means I break even!

The most complex organ, our central processing unit has the remarkable ability to turn back the pages of the life that you have granted at will and freedom and unleashing all the good, bad and ugly to re live those memories – smile, laugh, cry, scream, sulk, shout, acknowledge, repent, revenge, a string of emotions to apply or reject at the speed of sensory and motor neurons, of course depending on the availability of proteins’ supply in the brain. The entanglements lies knotted, unlike cobwebs which are in absolute symmetry, haphazard and disorganized in the labyrinths of life, and to cut the Gordian knot is next to impossible, however, you Zindagi, have given us the licence and liberty to set right the wrongs by not repeating them, reminisce the good old days to contemplate and muse over them, grant us the fantasy to day dream and build castles in the air, refresh the memories of those departed and revive the relationships gone awry and ones that are fair weather friends acting like embellishments who know us inside out and tolerate our temperaments!


You intrigue me with all the puzzles, surprise me with googlies, shock me with bouncers, enthrall me by your revelations, a roller coaster ride that is unmatched in any  amusement park, yet I adore this existence like a pilgrimage to a holy land or a cruise on the azure blue waters and if  you are planning to give a gratuity, a Diwali bonus, then I beseech you to play the elixir of life with all comedies and tragedies that form a perfect pot boiler, otherwise, it becomes monotonous, drab and boring! I am certain and convinced going by your track record, that you will not grant me a life in an ivory tower, but at least champagne on a beer budget that will lift me to high spirits and joy to behold!

This missive has transcended time, from the days of the birdie messenger, to drum beats of high and low notes expressing moods and sentiments to smokes, beacons and torches, to horses and long distance runners to ornamental scrolls and papyrus to postal letters and finally to digital era of E mails, chats and messengers; whatever be the mode and medium of communication, we all owe our profound and hearty appreciations to you, dear Zindagi for a birth that is significant in the smallest possible way, meaningful – maybe a bit belated, momentous on certain specific occasions, after all discounts and rewards offered are not available across the board and only on select brands, inconsequential- most of the times, weighty and burdensome like Hercules holding Earth on the powerful shoulders saddling the load and withstanding it!

Thank you life for the shift, escape and control buttons to succeed, to be happy, dodge and break away, to manoeuvre and manipulate, to delete the unnecessary and erase the unwanted, to cut, copy and paste the actual and the real. I am living life to the fullest as this offer comes only once, I do not regret, repent or revenge but believe in Karma.




27 thoughts on “Dear Zindagi

    • As you can see DD, this is a promotional post and I tried for the top 20, so the fingers typed what my mind said and no proof reading!
      I am overawed by your generous comments and this is also a fall out of Zindagi..another round of gratitude for this too:-)

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  1. Oh, yes, the bumpy path of life with roses and apples here and there. Your words have explained the journey so well… “Thank you life for the shift, escape and control buttons to succeed, to be happy, dodge and break away,”- loved this… 🙂 A letter to make Zindagi happier…

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  2. Firstly with your title I thought it’s a review about the movie or perhaps what you had gained out of the movie,but after reading whole post I got to know that you had written from different perspective.I appreciate of the notion of opening yourself towards life
    and nice to meet you.

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