Karma & Kismet

image poem 1

Infinite expanse of sheets of somber

Sorrow, chaperon in this tumultuous journey

Secluded Solitaire, pining for the luster

Melancholy strains sans a symphony    image poem 5


Emptiness and devoid of the glimmer

Desolate and parched, shoving the agony

Despised, shunned by kith and kin so dear

Loneliness engulfing night and day


Never a soul of friendship to foster

Hanging on the verve in great jeopardy

image poem 3Fleeting bliss retreating in despair

Hallucinating the mirage of joy


Cosmic truth accompanying eternally forever

Elusive bonding, affinity not in my destiny

image 6

image poem 4                           image poem 2

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Everyday powerblog.com

Dreams time.com

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5 thoughts on “Karma & Kismet

  1. Pray why this melancholy.
    In words that are dreary?
    When everything around is heavenly,
    Only to be grabbed easily.

    Souls of friendship are aplenty
    Waiting to bring cheer and festivity
    If only you jettison this capricious mood,
    For friendships that are sincere and good.

    Excellent poem!! I must confess I was lost in the eloquent and high sounding verbiage and found myself scampering for my Webster.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow..words flow like a cascade and I think I have to withdraw mine to give way to yours..what I want to grab right now is your powerful thoughts and words to embellish my blogs:)
      Thanks so much for your lovely thoughts as always..it is so motivating to hear them from the master


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