Maratha Mandir

      Unwinding on the Jayanti Janata Express, all the three of us obviously for three different reasons; Amma overjoyed at the thought of meeting her kith and kin at the affectionate Maratha Mandir(my beloved maternal uncle’s domain at amchi Mumbai), my brother, God knows for what and I am still in the process […]

Brandishing the broom

 Glances at the clock furtive Waiting for the elusive The most relevant, conspicuous by absence Mountain of dishes jostling for space Mighty upper hand to do the chores Repeated calls and rush to the doors   And then she arrives in style on a dirty carpet Wielding a look of hurry and unkempt Reverberation of […]

The big heart

I was the privileged one among the cantankerous cousins making merry at my uncle’s house every summer, with the fortuity of being a young patient of my benevolent uncle. An annual rendezvous of the paternal family, gave us the unmatched happiness of the entire brood coming together and painting the small town of Madurai red […]

Basic Electronics by G Ramaswamy,

I have the privilege and honour of presenting to my beloved readers and followers,, my husband G Ramaswamy, who has just authored an academic and technical book on the rudiments of electronics. The book is titled “Basic Electronics” and is a comprehensive textbook for first/second semester BE students coming under the ambit of VTU in […]

Humour in court – guest post by my dad

The laws of the Indian land, inherited from the colonial powers, are there to protect the citizens, safeguard the nation, settle disputes and provide remedies to the affected thereby administering justice. Providing a common law system to a diverse country such as ours are different tiered courts in a pyramidal form with the Supreme Court […]

Arcadia…never never land…

“I am blogging about my dreams and passions for the Club Mahindra#DreamTrails activity at BlogAdda. “Cling on the sides tightly”, shouted the tour guide as I swayed on the rope bridge, precariously hanging about seventy feet above the gushing river. I hung on to the ropes just like scores of other tourists on the bridge […]

One day in Bengaluru…

Does this sound like a sequel to “one night in Bangkok”,  then sorry for disappointing my dear readers, for there is no massage parlours or spas to pamper and lure, but the craters on the road could really get you there…well almost unless there is detour to heaven! And the garbage dumps could well be the […]