A browser to bowl us over!

A browser to bowl us over!

April 2, 2011….

Wankhede stadium frenzy was brought alive on the big screen, all of us glued to it, leaving behind our chores, schedules, meetings, study and work. Nothing in the world could be traded with the enthusiasm and exuberance happening at this moment, an Indian win in the final of the world cup played between India and Sri Lanka was fervently prayed by the cricket crazy nation and I was very much part and parcel of this mania! Chanting slokas to appease every God to make it happen.. And then it happened…no…not the win but in the penultimate over, the power conked out and the backup generator just would not start, playing spoil sport in our delirium which had now reached a crescendo! A smart guy took his phone out and tried to get the live action on it but the browser did not match his smartness and refused to co-operate and we were left high and dry! If only UC browser was there….sigh…It taught me a lesson the hard way – switch to UC browser and never to miss the action anytime, anywhere!

UC browser is a super fast browser that is available for a variety of platforms to do wonders in search and play! It is the next gen application giving instant live updates on games, scores, statistics and all what we look forward to in a game that is watched in the stadium and mind you, all these come absolutely free and uninterrupted. No lags, no pauses, no buffering, all smooth and seamless that redefines surfing! A sure and faster way of browsing that helps you to be in the thick of cricketing action while doing the regular work at the same time. Now I can eat, drink, study, cook, work, romance and party but also be in the gallery to watch the beauty of the game, a grand stand view indeed!

   Cricket is always around us in the form of test cricket, limited overs match or the latest trend of the shortest format, the 20-20 and we must be ever ready to be stumped or bowled over! A game that glorifies batting, bowling and fielding, all rolled in one! The grace and poise of a cover dive, the ruthlessness of a pull shot, the cheeky edge past the wicket keeper leave us enthralled. The fiery run of the bowler sending shivers down the spine of the batsmen and the googlies that trick them is an eclectic mix that one can ill afford to miss. A single ball may turn the tide, a wonderful catch can save a match and a sixer off the last delivery can seal the win and the cup! The players set many a milestone and records that are shattered by the minute; this 22 yarder is a treat to the statistics minded too! For all those who think that it is 11 fools playing and 11000 fools watching think twice; see a game of cricket with an unmatched browser and let the euphoria engulf you and I am sure you will surrender to the religion called cricket!

“Patriotism is, fundamentally, a conviction that a particular country is the best in the world because you were born in it….”George Bernard Shaw

And the game of Cricket in India is a pseudonym for patriotism, a game invented for eternity. We breathe and live by it and the rules are ingrained in the minds every of Tom Dick and Harry or should I say Meera, Tanzil and Antony!

From roots to wings!

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Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe said, “There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other wings!”

“Children learn more from what you are than what you teach”…how very true this quote is for the essence of good parenting is to be a role model and the children follow by example. Children more often do not listen but they copy, imitate and reproduce what the parents do!

Good parents from time immemorial have always been great friends, guide and philosophers and the first phrase “friends” is the prime deciding factor to establish a bonding and relationship with kids! Building trust and involvement in the processes of various elements make up a beautiful dimension of parenting.  Allowing them to be the way they actually are and making them to do things on their own rather than having a hawk eye approach does wonders to the upbringing of a child. This does not mean being a confidante or a partnership with mutual benefit as this causes lot of burden and hardship on the child that he or she becomes weighed down more by our problems than theirs.

I recount here the delicate role my parents played in my upbringing which I try hard to emulate and follow but the bitter truth is, I have failed many a time. I was named “Sunita” which meant “well brought up” and I can stand up and take a bow for the belief, trust and confidence they vouched in me that helped me to become strong, determined and independent in thought and action, to judge what is right and wrong and where to draw the line. My father was indeed a buddy, a pal, a sidekick who was my first teacher in everything, a perfect role model ; be it a game of scrabble or building a crane from a mechanix set or a board of carrom or a game of badminton, he was a perfect comrade and companion, an alter ego to be precise. Not only the rudiments of the game taught but also inculcating the watch word of sportsmanship! It is just that the games today are substituted with gadgets and gizmos!

There was never a repeated chorus of “go and study” by my parents as there was a schedule in place which was carefully drafted with sufficient breaks to ward off monotony and boredom – the prime reason ought to have been “simply putting themselves in my shoes” and that did the trick. A monotonous lecture of “in those days, when I was young I used to study 6-7 hours and my dad would never let me play or watch TV” unless I finished my work” will obviously not go down well with present age kids who do not want to be tutored but to be taken along. This was already in place and a maxim with my parents and they excelled in being “a distant authority” and I fell in line automatically without being forced to!  Raising children is fuelled by giving their diligent due and importance. Being a tyrant or a dictator is NOT going to help but rather opening the doors of the unknown for them to explore and react to situations will go a long way in making them to emerge as survivors to be fit and correct the mistakes by encountering them. Believe me it does take a lot of courage to raise children and being a referee or a whistle blower makes parenting bizarre. If we as parents control our emotions and behaviour, then automatically we set up an environment of understanding, patience and believing in solutions. Success of good parenting depends on positive involvement of parents with children as they close their ears to advice but open their eyes to example that is; we have to be what we want our kids to be! My parents did not push me beyond the limits but at the same time never did what I was capable of doing and so I learnt simple chores at an early age such as to iron my own clothes, polish the shoes, and pack my lunch and so on.

Extreme degrees of buddy parenting sets a bad precedence as we tend to share our sorrows and burden them with our difficulties; it may assume the form of incompatibility with spouse, financial difficulties, office stress and pressures and the like. The children who take their parents as ONLY friends will over react and try to solve these issues in addition to their own woes and end up confused and depressed. It is a two way process wherein we become confidantes and mutual sharing of secrecy happens leading to confusion and chaos! On the other end of the spectrum, is the autocratic big boss who sets the rules of the game and the child has to abide by them in letter and spirit; in this relationship the bonhomie and trust is lost and rebellion starts to occur and everything goes awry.

Essentially it means that parenting is a tactful and strategic art that requires guerrilla warfare mixed with righteous leadership by example, a cocktail of guile (not giving in to their whims and fancies) and innocence( after all childhood is a short season but parenthood is long!) . However, the cornerstone or building blocks for fine upbringing is friendship, trust, guidance, attention, right attitude, ability to listen, lending a shoulder to cry on and not being judgemental. Playing the different roles to perfection is easier said than done and no handbook can teach us to become good parents, it comes with experience!

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Taste of one’s own medicine!

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https://www.rewardme.in/family/child-and-youChild and you

All parents say the wrong things sometimes, but experts say choose your words wisely.

                                           Spot on! This article has hit the nail on its head, the words /phrases uttered by us, the adults not only demoralize the children but goes around 180 degrees and comes back with renewed venom and in the process we get a bitter taste of our own medicine. Experiences do warn me never to be foul mouthed, but more often than not these warning signs are ignored, due to my own stress levels and end up facing the wrath! I would definitely like to rephrase the idiom “look before you leap” into “think before you say” for the words uttered can never be recalled and they get ingrained in the child’s brain, the moment I speak it out!

                                           I can easily fit into the shoes of the parent as identified by the experts in this post and normally say the same five phrases that damage the child’s psyche and boomerang on us! As toddlers and infants, they blindly copy and imitate what we say or do and the reaction is more spontaneous, without the element of the thought process and therefore less harmful. But as they turn into adolescents, this undergoes an enormous change,with increasing thinking faculties and friends’ directives, and the repercussions are far more lethal and damaging to the upbringing. The atmosphere is charged up and the swear words only increase in geometric proportion! These words have two fold manifestation, one in the mind and the other a retaliatory reaction. The morale of the child goes down and he or she starts to introspect whether something is really wrong with him or her resulting in a negative loop. He starts thinking that all is not well and his actions henceforth would suggest a demotivated outlook. Sir Isaac Newton’s law of “every action has an equal and opposite reaction” is the gospel of truth and so beware a ugly sentence can be magnified manifold with greater velocity.

                               However, is it easier said than done, can we practice what we preach? Maybe yes, by repeated attempts to mellow down when we are irritated with their behaviour, we could slowly inch towards near perfection. Delaying the reaction time to bad behaviour could reduce the frequency and intensity of the expletives. Also, moving away to take time to cool off would go a long way in accomplishing this onerous task!

Appa, my idol!

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                   Vicks Hug your dad video


Dad, mom and myself, a curly 4 year old , were sailing in the Vanji (the traditional snake boat of Kerala) in the serene river in God’s own country when dad suddenly picked me up and immersed me in the beautiful waters much to my delight and mom’s shock! I remember squealing with joy on getting wet head to toe and he grinned from ear to ear…This boat ride for me,saw the beginning of a fascination for the crystal blue waters and the snake boat always wanting for more!  Hydrophobia disappeared from my mind’s dictionary and little did I imagine then that 14 years later, on a vacation to the Dal lake in Kashmir, this impulse training would help me! I was surfing on the Dal lake, I slipped and fell into the weed infested lake, my parents stood petrified by the boat not knowing what to do but in a instant I came out of the water and swam to the boat!

…..I am the apple of his eye and he my idol

Dad, papa, father, appa…the word in any language, be it in the colonial or the vernacular, conjures up so many images of that of warmth, joy, happiness, security, strictness, pedagogue, role model, perfectionist, upholder of virtues….well this list is infinite. This sums up the creator of me, a person whom I always look up to for everything in life.

As I turn the pages back, lot of lovely memories of childhood flood my thoughts. Right from the 3rd grade, I was pestering him for a bicycle to which I got a constant reply, “come in the top three in your class, and I shall get you one!” No amount of cajoling could persuade him to change his stands and so I decided to burn the midnight oil and aim for the top spot. In my fifth grade, I managed to get the second rank and even before I could remind him of his promise, he had already tagged me along to the BSA cycle show room. I was overjoyed and selected a blue coloured ladies model bike and wanted desperately to ride back home, a distance of 5 kilometers amidst traffic. A firm NO from him and I knew he had the last word. He arranged it to be transported and the next day saw me proudly cycling to school much to the envy of my buddies!

…Appa always keeps his promise…

A few days later, an overconfident cyclist in me hit a school kid rushing out of school, he fell down and me too. I quickly saw that he was not seriously hurt but only with a minor bruise and without thinking twice escaped from the scene and never reported the mishap to anyone, least of all to my dad. In the evening, dad returned home with a grim face, he beckoned me and asked me what had happened that morning to which I innocently replied “nothing”. His face turned redder and I knew it was coming, a torrent of angry words for dashing into a small boy and covering it up. A friend of his had witnessed this and spilled it to him much to my discomfort!  I was not allowed to go to school by cycle for couple of days for this action.

….Appa, a reprimanding person sometimes!

I had to sit with couple of my friends in his grammar class – first was the dictation and then he used to give 5 words, we had to look them up in the dictionary and make sentences with these words. Also, he gave verbs for which different suffixes had to be found like for example “put”;which had “put off”, “put in”, “put out”…and so on. These lessons in grammar were the building blocks in my life of language and he sowed in me the passion for reading and writing!

I was always first in the numerous elocution contests, thanks to my dad who whipped up fantastic write ups for my topics. I vividly reminisce the brilliant oratory on the topic “Olympic games” and even today can recall the words.

…..Appa, the brilliant pedagogue!

I was brought up to be independent, fearless and free, taking major decisions in my life such as education, career, marriage, on my own but he is always there, at every stage to support and protect me.

…..Appa, the pillar of strength!

He is a knight in shining armour, a man friday, a protective umbrella, a shoulder to cry, a watch dog, ever ready to give a helping hand and never allowing me to trip and fall!

….Appa, the unmatched!

And all I can give you in return is a Bear Hug that says it all!!!

The 2 Ads…

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Our first wedding anniversary….365 days of togetherness, exploring each other in  every possible way went in a flash. The second one came even before we realized and the days went whizzing by. But by then tongues started wagging…oh..why has she not conceived yet? could there be any problem with either of them? or are they not happy together? The questions dime a dozen but it hardly affected us and our relationship. Soon the third one was celebrated with the same love and affection but the sparkle was missing. Could it be that something was indeed wrong with us biologically? We started becoming jittery and another year passed in worries, doubts, anxiety and the like…And then it happened…I was pregnant with our first child. I wanted to jump up in joy and let the whole world know especially to the nosey parkers who had made life miserable for us which was otherwise tranquil and serene. However, I hardly had time to think about others, now the world was me and my baby!

Days just flew and I delivered a big baby boy weighing about 3.56 kg. He was a forceps baby and had taken in the fluid from inside and so headed straight into the incubator with antibiotics from day one! Soon he recovered and we were heading home. The next days, months and years were the best part of our lives and I remember each and every activity of the Ad senior! The first words uttered were not ‘Amma” or “appa” but “poove” …whatever it means, even after 18years, we are still trying to decipher it! In exactly 17 months Ad junior came along, a normal this time. The elder Ad was a big bro at the tender age of one year and nine months and showed off what it means to be elder. However, there was never a tinge of sibling rivalry and the two hit off like a Siamese! Each day would begin with mischief galore with hardly any sleep, the two didn’t want to waste their time sleeping I guess! If it was orange colour as favourite for the senior, it was all red for the younger and the entire house became a Picasso’s canvass!

The years of joy, sorrow, mischief, tantrums, ill health, first day at school, the sports day, the school day dances and singing…all can never be forgotten and never be erased from the memories. All of these wonderful moments of motherhood are etched in gold!