Multitasking…who me?

‘You are behaving like Swamy’s grandmother’, said my son irritatingly, for the umpteenth time.   For the uninitiated, Swaminathan aka Swami is the adorable character in the first of the trilogy written by R K Narayan called as “Swamy and friends”….you can read the excerpts of the glorious conversation between the two at the end of […]

The Chennai Local

  It took me 47 years to ride the pale green monster of the Chennai suburban transport, one of the excesses of the Colonial Raj, launched in the 1930s, that has stood the test of time  and ravages of people and retained its old world charm amidst the swanky metro rapid rail that dot most […]

Maratha Mandir

      Unwinding on the Jayanti Janata Express, all the three of us obviously for three different reasons; Amma overjoyed at the thought of meeting her kith and kin at the affectionate Maratha Mandir(my beloved maternal uncle’s domain at amchi Mumbai), my brother, God knows for what and I am still in the process […]

Brandishing the broom

 Glances at the clock furtive Waiting for the elusive The most relevant, conspicuous by absence Mountain of dishes jostling for space Mighty upper hand to do the chores Repeated calls and rush to the doors   And then she arrives in style on a dirty carpet Wielding a look of hurry and unkempt Reverberation of […]

The big heart

I was the privileged one among the cantankerous cousins making merry at my uncle’s house every summer, with the fortuity of being a young patient of my benevolent uncle. An annual rendezvous of the paternal family, gave us the unmatched happiness of the entire brood coming together and painting the small town of Madurai red […]

Basic Electronics by G Ramaswamy,

I have the privilege and honour of presenting to my beloved readers and followers,, my husband G Ramaswamy, who has just authored an academic and technical book on the rudiments of electronics. The book is titled “Basic Electronics” and is a comprehensive textbook for first/second semester BE students coming under the ambit of VTU in […]