This is inspired by “You just got cheated” a brilliant well researched book by Dr Sibichen Mathew. The introduction in the book propelled me to recall the umpteen occasions in which I have royally fallen prey to fraudsters, been swindled, scammed out of money! But let me tell you it is never lonely in that […]


They are back in business, I cried out in disdain on reaching home. Who? Asked the folks at home in unison, the hotels, they asked knowing only too well my ardent and fanatic interest in food. I said No, then the mom and pop stores? came the bass voice, I nodded my head sideways, remembering […]


This poem is in the rhyme scheme AXXA throughout and has the first and last lines of each stanza starting with the alphabet ‘C’ Chinks in my armour tirelessly exploited Do I look back at the chirpy transitory moments? Or brave the harsh weather with rasping voices Cast the die to flee or dawdle the […]

Desi Wraps

Call it wraps or Burritos or Frankies, they are easy and tasty…so here goes the recipe for the desi one The wraps can be made out of wheat flour or all purpose flour or ready made tortillas are available in shops Ingredients to make about 10 wraps Wheat flour – 2 cups – make a […]

Guffaws on goof-ups

  I make a lot of mistakes, introduce problems in places which would otherwise be normal, is it out of incompetence, carelessness, confusion or ignorance, I know not but definitely Himalayan blunders that have grown with me and also aged like wine, getting better with time! I am adept at messing up things, ruining well […]

The Stalker

I was as usual well ahead of the bell for the classes. Just as I was entering the portal of learning, I saw a white Ambassador car driving out of the gate in great speed, a quick glance told me the car was loaded with people and they were peeping out of the windows trying […]

Yesterday, Once again!

I was never a M&B or a Jackie Collins fan in my growing up years and the books that adorned my shelf were Perry Mason, Robin Cook, Irving Wallace and not to forget Stephen King! Romantic movies hardly called for viewing and the only TV series that I regret having watched was Santa Barbara way […]

Silver Lining

There was a soft knock on the door, I thought I had imagined it. Then I heard it again, this time quite loud, distinct and clear. It was well past 11PM and I wondered ‘Who could this be at such an unearthly hour? There was an eerie silence in the neighbourhood except for the lone […]

Expressions Unlimited

I see myself as Little Miss Perfect, though all the three adjectives used to describe is never anywhere close to my personality! It is a pure figment of imagination that I am smart, kind, passionate and flawless, extremely chivalrous and responsible, well all the nice words that you can find when you look up a […]