The Oasis of retirement

The August sky was dark and the monsoon was in full glory, the rains were lashing down and giving the much needed respite to the parched lands. It was about 11 in the morning when the phone buzzed. It was Appa and he started in his usual distinct style, “Suni, are you busy”? The obvious […]

The Blue Mountain Outing

Happy to share a post written by my mother on her latest sojourn replete with colourful and vibrant pictures. I was tossing and turning in the bed waiting for the dawn to burst open through the night. I was a teenager once again, well, not even if the digits of my age is reversed would […]

The Chance Connection Conspiracy

World is such a small place, how often have we heard this but to live it up with chance meetings, time and again, with strangers who get connected in the most mysterious circumstances is indeed a marvellous feeling. No Scifi movie stuff this, but six degrees of separation, that is all it takes! Well, one […]

The flicker of hope

I woke up one day and found myself in on an unfamiliar bed in what seemed a hospital room all spic and span with a smell of disinfectant all around and the beeps of machines. Wondering how I came here, I tried to recollect only to find my mind blank. As worry crossed my face, […]

The Camouflaged Chameleon

Chameleon, that word does intrigue all of us right? The species which is the clade of the lizard family that can camouflage and blend into its surroundings to ward off prey often leaves us enchanted and curious. As children we are chameleons who observe, tail and mirror the thoughts, behaviour and actions of people around […]

Decision Fatigue!

It is a daily ritual for me before going to bed to plan what would be on the next day’s lunch and dinner platter. If I do not decide the menu in advance, then the morrow will see insipidly predictable outcomes of mayhem with colossal waste of time and a prolonged effort leading to frustration […]

Remembering Athimbar

Hariharan Athimbar was like a giant banyan tree, and when it falls, there is a shudder of silence benumbing the entire dynasty for his sheer stature as a patriarch. I have felt his omni presence at every stage of my life from childhood till date, my memories are sharpened and the thoughts take me to […]

The stretch exercise through OKRs

Accountability, Alignment and Ambitious stretch through OKRs I have been on Maslow and SMART, teaching them for quite some time and somehow, they were not exciting me enough. Facing a wet weekend, mind going blank for fresh ideas, I turned towards my fellas for some brain wave moments and to get wiser as has been […]


This is inspired by “You just got cheated” a brilliant well researched book by Dr Sibichen Mathew. The introduction in the book propelled me to recall the umpteen occasions in which I have royally fallen prey to fraudsters, been swindled, scammed out of money! But let me tell you it is never lonely in that […]