Zimmber and slumber in peace!!


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Zimmber, the app that makes our lives easy at the swipe or touch of the service…No more berserk or manic Mondays but hassle free start to your day with absolute ease and comfort. A spate of services available on Zimmber ensures that zombies like me do not get freaked out with a leaky tap or a AC break down as the plethora of services with experts in that field, available, see to that everything gets fixed in a jiffy that too in three simple steps.

Handymen at your door step at the touch of a screen…unbelievable is it not???

Select a service…

Step 1 A

Select, date, time and address..

Step 2 B

Get confirmation and relax…

Step 3 C


Zimmber, the brainchild of Amit and Anubhav, COO and CEO respectively, happened out of the most valuable human expression that is love for their better halves to make their lives tumult free and they do not have to haggle and hammer out deals with all and sundry!

The Zimmber app, which is available on Google play store and I phone app store and compatible with the smart gadgets, is a highly user friendly and interactive app that helps the customer to navigate and book home services at the click of a button! The gamut of services available on Zimmber platform is simply mind boggling ranging from salon services to laundry to plumbing! The astounding range of home needs are PC and laptop repair, car spa, pest control, sofa and furniture repair, laundry service, gadgets such as refrigerator, microwave, ac, geyser etc, repair, electrical and plumbing utilities, painting deals…phew the list is indeed exhaustive that make our eyes pop out! And if this is not enough, their offers are simply irresistible too. Believing in the maxim of giving and taking to the hilt, the cash back offers are too tempting! Added to this is the booty of recommending the app to your kith and kin, and you earn a cash back! This leverage and leeway gets you more in return in addition to the wonderful and immediate response to the home needs requirement!  One can unlock the referral code and introduce the friends to the magnificent world of Zimmber and get good cash back offers and get the benefit and unmatched assistance of the experts in various fields.

Zimmber ensures that the credentials of the handymen are checked for maximum safety and security. All the champs of Zimmber are experienced and skilled in their jobs and can carry out the tasks with utmost ease and aplomb. The service is prompt and the precious time element is never wasted. The assistance is reliable and the functioning is straightforward and open without any complications! There is always the added charm of money back guarantees that make the customers feel like kings and the pricing is one of the best in the market with the underlying principle of give and take…

To take a leaf out of their marketing book….


The unlimited refer and earn deal from Zimmber allows you to refer Zimmber to as many people as you want to refer it to. Also, Zimmber is the only app which allows referring of each service that you avail. And the amount varies depending upon the service you avail and refer.

For referring the Zimmber app you get Rs.150 in your wallet.So if you avail a service of Rs250 the next time, you only need to pay 100 bucks, because your Zimmber wallet has already been credited with Rs.150!

What makes this ‘give and take’ policy so interesting is the mutually benefitting aspect it holds on to.Zimmber is the first ever app to allow its users to refer discrete services, thereby making the concept of refer and earn all the more intriguing and engaging.


It is simple. Zimmber’s refer and earn scheme has something for everyone. On availing a service from Zimmber, you get a chance to refer it to as many friends as you wish. But, you are not the only one benefitting here.The one you referred also gets an equal amount in his/her zimmber wallet. When everyone has something to gain and nothing to lose, that’s when you call it a successful marketing module.

give n take


All one has to do is select a service from the app’s home page, choose the date, time an d address and instantly one gets the confirmation of theorder. So you see, the method is as easy as 123!


Background Checked
The Zimmber Champs are trained professionals, whose background details are thoroughly checked to ensure your safety and security.


Experienced professional
Zimmber Champs are called Champs for a reason, as they perform their duties with diligence and grace.


On Time Service
Time is very precious and we guarantee of timely services to our customers.


Reliable & Transparent
Zimmber and its Champs are continuously focused on providing crystal clear services to its customers and ensure customer satisfaction as a guarantee.


Moneyback guarantee
Zimmber’s servicing charges are transparent for our customers from the booking to the completion of the order. We also delightfully surprise our customers with attractive offers from time-to-time.


Standardised pricing
Zimmber’s pricing policies are the best in the market – alongwith competitive pricing, there are other lucrative offers to suit everyone’s purse strings.

To quote the words of Vandan a Mirchandani, a salon and spa owner, “Professional – Quick – Reasonable! Managing the hassle of unskilled labour gets eliminated because of Zimmber and that’s what is important. I’ll surely recommend Zimmber’s services to friends and family. Everyone wants hassle-free professional support for routines of repairs and maintenance.”

So, if you want to live life easy, download the Zimmber app Zimmber logonow and indulge in peaceful slumber and I am sure you will recommend this to your dumber folks making their lives simpler!!!




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