Hope detonators

The tides swelled like my upsurged hopes

Smashed up the sand castle fondly built

Blown away to smithereens by waves of misfortune

Fragmented by despair and anguish the toiled

Beneath a debris of sorrows and failures

Smothered my hopes and aspirations

Wrecked in the rubbles of collapse

Deep in the abyss shrieking for that lift

Gasping in the chasm for zephyr

Overcome the travails pleaded my heart

Where is the promised land of paradise?

A shimmer of the pipe dream does incarnate

Bolstered by humankind and spurred

To rise from the cinders and detonate the faith

32 thoughts on “Hope detonators

  1. What an inspiring thought! The waves of misfortune can never crush us as hopes and aspirations get empowered by the ‘faith’…flowing in our veins…’shimmering’ through despair, looking in the eyes and breathing a quiet message…’get going’! 🙂

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    • Yes..honestly the poem is a reflection of the mood and emotional upheavals..waiting for the propulsion to launch me away from the tumults of life!
      Thanks KP sir for the impetus to get up and get going..

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