Brandishing the broom


 Glances at the clock furtive

Waiting for the elusive

The most relevant, conspicuous by absence

Mountain of dishes jostling for space

Mighty upper hand to do the chores

Repeated calls and rush to the doors


And then she arrives in style on a dirty carpet

Wielding a look of hurry and unkempt

Reverberation of dissent at the sink

I plonk on the sofa unable to think

Operas of the utensils reaching a crescendo

The maid adroit and skilled at taekwondo


The next chore, gives me and the floor a sweeping

Brandishing the broom, room to room hopping

Diffusing the tension for the present

While she ready to go to the adjacent

The lady cajoled and clamoured for completion

Dab, swab and mop, her scutwork ends with aggression

Heaving a sigh of relief, a routine to follow each day

Oh..Chambermaid, do not play truant I pray!


Courtesy of the world wide web for animating the maid with the broom!

18 thoughts on “Brandishing the broom

  1. This one was an absolute delight Sunita! Your poem brought a smile to my face and I could relate to it so well. In fact not only the mood of the lady, but the entire house depends on the attendance of “her majesty”. Simply amazing dear. Just loved the way you played with the words here !!!!

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  2. When I first saw the broomstick, I wondered whether it could have a political overtone but found it to be an absolutely humorous poem on the oft truant, under performing and ever demanding maid!

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