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E2O 1
Advaith with his futuristic car and proud parents at the latest smart addition to our lives!

When you are dominated by men folk in your family, that too all engineers breathing technology, one is bound to imbibe and adopt, lest one remains an “Uncivilized Barbarian” to borrow my own phrase, that I so commonly use to scold my sons while young. Life does come full circle and now it is their turn to reciprocate and most of the conversation revolving in the household just goes past my head like bouncers!

Pursuing bachelor’s in engineering at a far away college requiring quite a commute by BMTC in traffic ridden Bengaluru was becoming increasingly difficult that was sapping my younger fella’s energy and time. A windfall came our way like a rare celestial event and hubby not heeding to advice from Angel and others, decided to gift our son a car. My off springs were delighted to say the least as they had just got their driving licence and so the hot trending topic was which one from among hundred options. Out came note pads, the digital ones, mind you, the applications that could compare different models, variants, price and all other specifications. Each one of us had a mind of our own trying to drown the voices of dissent and dis approvals. The only thing that was crystal clear was the budget and we had to fit a car into that, eliminating the petrol versions was easy as the engineering brain talks along the terms of power, torque and efficiency. Narrowing down further on the shortlisted ones and Sriram almost had the final say, when in came a wild card entry in the form of electric cars. The build up continued for couple of days, the juniors’ arduous pursuit to convince the elder to change his mind and give in. The head is always headstrong but eventually had to give way to the demand that was backed by superior claims. Technology had indeed dominated and tilted in the favour of the purchase of the electric car. Enough of the prologue, I can see my readers’ squirming expressions which read get on with it, so without much ado, let me get to the bottom of the futuristic car!

Mahindra’ future of transport takes the shape of electric cars called E2O, launched in the year 2013, coming in different variants that are the best and perfect bet for next generation mobility. This urban electric hatchback purchased from Reva, the original electric car makers in India, is the first of its kind that has a power packed lithium battery to take on a single trip of around 140 kilometers depending on the variant. Here is one product that shields the users from rising fuel prices, the enormous toxic let outs from the exhausts, and above all the cost efficient alternative in city driving. Impressive right but this is just the tip of the iceberg, the car is loaded with technology that will take all of you by surprise. The car is supported by NEMO or Next Generation Mobility which is a cloud based platform that enables a new generation of shared, connected and electric services revolutionizing the way we travel. The car has an onboard system that uses telematics which is an interdisciplinary science that comprises of telecommunication in vehicular technologies, which means one could send; receive messages to and from the device in the car. This includes tracking, fleet management in the case of cab services, navigation, mobile data, wireless and intelligent vehicle safety communication, charging reminders, remote operations such as locking, cooling, heating among a host of other assistances like hands free operations, driving – reverse and parking help. The feature of vehicle tracking monitors the location, movement, battery charge levels and this is achieved by combining a GPS receiver and an electronic device. The data is turned into useful information with the help of visual display unit on computerized mapping software. The application programming interface with the driver would ensure that all the information is integrated into his or her database. The smart phone app “with you hamesha” that works on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry, which could be linked to your smart wearable that allows owners to lock and unlock, turn on the air conditioner from the cool comforts of your smart home status of the charge, locate the nearest charging location and show the efficiency of the trip. The app also shows where you stand in comparison to other drivers in the race towards efficiency and commands a whole lot of data analytics.

We decide to go in for the P4 variant as that suits our budget and has a reasonable range of 110 kilometers to one complete charge. This is a 4 door passenger car with a small boot space as well and a keyless entry. It boasts of a radio identification tag that authenticates the driver. The sensors in the car are so magnificently designed to customize the user requirements such as speed, power and the lighting. The interior space is phenomenal and my six footer hulk just slips into it with utmost ease and the roof still is quite a distance away. The ambience in the car is magnified by the smart lighting that perks up the car. The battery charging has two options, the normal and the quick recharge that does rev the battery in no time. It has a reasonable top speed and the standard features of safety, braking, comfort and convenience.  With zero emissions, faster pick up and petrol free for life, the E2O is a dream come true for today’s demanding city requirements with regenerative braking system that pumps back energy into the system and did I mention about the vacation mode feature that lets us to switch to that mode if not used for a week and more.

The most intelligent car on Indian roads that has advanced technology features such as energy Management system, automatic data uploads, SMS based alerts, Mobile app integration, multiple computers monitoring everything, touch screen system and the whole family is delighted for possessing the geekiest car that uses the same technology as in Formula E cars and a car that cares for the environment. My son is driving the future with all goodness by enabling the internet of things in the smart car that is clean and green and lets the sustainability of energy for the present and future generations, functions that permit for two way communication. This intelligent futuristic vehicle is gearing for a meaningful difference to his life with safe and cheap commutability and an interface informing us the worried parents of his location, his start and completion of the trip. With over ten on board computer systems with a superfluity of features chartering his journey, this dream come true smart technology driven car has changed the way we drive and is the best value addition to our lives in this era of IOT!

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My son for sharing all the technology inputs

E2O 2


E2O 3


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    • With the humungous vehicular population and the toxicity in the air, it is inevitable to move towards this mode and undoubtedly Government has to be agile in providing the infrastructure.
      The flip side, however, I am given to understand is that Lithium batteries used in such cars contribute to E waste which is hard to dispose off.
      Thanks for your thoughts Ashok ji

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