A kaleidoscope of expressions

Indexing myriad languages

Voice of the mind in pictures

Faces demonstrating the moods

Perspectives in a panorama of visual treats

Superabundance of resplendent illustrations

Eloquent and articulate like ballerinas



From the melancholy and the woeful

A thorn in one’s side, in an abyss of sadness                              

To the nonchalant strains of the spiritlesssad

Adrift in another cosmos wistful 


Contours launching into rage and outrage

Flying tantrums with muscles twitching

Spasms that make us shudder and dodge

Lest the flaring eyes leave you burning 


Unmask to another realm of passion

Intense gazes of craving and lust

Pining for the near yet so far reason

Yearning for the elusive distant                            



Playful eyes imploring attention

That dwells on pranks and frolics

naughtyMind going berserk in distraction

Untold canvas of treats and tricks




To the sublime that transcends holy

Divine looks radiating tranquillity

Flashes of angelic ethereal beautyholy 2

Hypnotized by the optical illusory

 Sparkling smiles with scintillating laughter

grinningSpreading cheer, exuberance flowing like nectar

Jewels of joy glinting in humour

Bright shades of charm and cheer forever


Copious renditions of thoughts specific

Landscaping the cognitive on the cherubic

Abstract compositions so multifarious

Faces conversing in rhymes spontaneous.

Emoticons courtesy:




20 thoughts on “A kaleidoscope of expressions

  1. Loved the expression of emotions Sunita 🙂 Unmasking the emotions and facades with deft use of emoticons and words flowing in a fluid style is super cool!
    Praying that my comment doesn’t go to your spam because that’s where my comments on many blog posts have been ending up since the last few days,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A cascading verbiage and an inundating deluge of expressions inspired by your students that made me run to fetch a dictionary.But these would still not adequately capture the myriad emotions and gestures of a Kathakali artiste.You have done an admirable job!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha..ha…I am turning myself into a walking thesaurus…looks like it..KP sir and it matches the accolades you shower on the post as well as the Kathakali dance form.
      I am indeed in the process of unmasking the body language and facial expressions of my dear prodigies!


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