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I just learnt that we are paying 25 different taxes in India – direct and indirect, isn’t that atrocious?

And one colossal catastrophic tax among them is the service tax – please do not get carried away by the term ‘service’ – benefits are never derived, on the contrary it does create a huge hole in your wallet.

Service tax is supposed to be a tax payable on services rendered by the respective service provider to the Government and the service provider passes on the liability to the user – yes, we the gullible aam aadmi. With increasing amendments over the years, this tax covers an entire gamut of services ranging from telephone to restaurants to banking to decorators and what not!

If this brobdingnagian burden was not enough, adding insult to injury are the cesses associated with the service tax. It started with education cess that resulted in an erosion of the savings meant to educate my offspring, and if this mess of a cess did not do enough damage, then came beggar’s cess, driving the hapless common man to be reduced to a mendicant. Hold on…there is more to come, levy to further dent one’s hard earned income is the Swacha Bharat Cess that cleans up your account completely. The final nail in the coffin this financial year is the imposition of Kisan Kalyan Cess, the overtures by the rulers for the welfare of the sons of the soil culminating in our misery!

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Yes, the Government has what it takes to take away from you…and we do not pay taxes, they take it away and this is legalized daylight robbery. If Mark Twain can use profanity when speaking about taxes, so can I!To force a citizen to pay different types of taxes resulting in double and triple taxation is nothing short of tyranny. The service taxes in India growing in width and depth like our ever expanding universe is a knockout punch that puts us in comatose in these rising days of inflation.


So if you earn a salary or any other income, it is income tax, selling an asset leads you to capital gains tax, a bull’ s horns are broken on the stock exchange with the securities transaction tax, enjoying the fringes in addition to salary, escape not, you fall in the perquisite tax net. Besides these notorious levies, incidental exaction like sales tax, value added tax, customs duty, excise duty, road tax, property tax, professional tax, entertainment tax, gift tax, wealth tax, entry tax, (is there an exit tax too?)… take a toll on our earnings and savings!

The funds collected with a view to propagate the Government’s ideas and campaigns make us paupers and we are down and out!!! As Evan Esar said “Some taxpayers close their eyes, some stop their ears, some shut their mouths, but all pay through the nose.”!

All I can do is get a “tax free” product or service or take a “tax holiday” to a favourite destination, maybe Monaco.


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  1. Exit tax was also there when they levied Estate duty which they probably abolished as they realised that nothing will be left after paying all these taxes !

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