Accords of understanding

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The warmth of any relationship has powerful manifestations in joy and good health and this relationship could be with anyone – spouse, sibling, pet, family, friends…During life’s troughs, these relationships blossom bringing that zest back into our lives. The spring in our steps, the smile on our faces, the glee in giving back and that elated feeling of belongingness brings a meaning to our lives.

The snug comfort and security with someone close to your heart and who is there by your side during periods of turmoil and trauma is undoubtedly an angel in disguise. The goodness that spills out from a spouse of 25 years of marriage is by no means fathomable especially when the relationship got going out of chance and not out of choice. We are poles apart, like the East and the West but the twain does meet after all!

Maybe, we have spent more time arguing, misunderstanding, altercating and crossing swords at the drop of a hat and then reconciling only to get back at each other. The squabbles over everything, from the minute to the gravest eventually results in restoring harmony bringing in semblance of sanity after hours of sheer madness and calling each other names. The lull before a storm and the calmness after a cyclone has a fair share of serene and sublime warmth that has magic potion to soothe the frayed nerves.

Our personalities are like chalk and cheese, the traits diabolically different, the interests as varied as the Sun and the Moon – one is calm and stoic, the other aggressive and impulsive, an optimist on the one side and a pessimist on the other side with a dash of realistic tendencies thrown in to balance the equation, a combination of a cool as a cucumber guy with a brash, ready to blow the whistle gal, a couple that has links that clatter and clank, yet, despite all the tangent behaviour patterns, we have taken wonderful decisions together, our minds have worked in tandem, in utmost unison and thought many a time in the same direction, have had the same ideologies and belief, faith and togetherness that lubricates the wheel of life to keep it going with sheer joy and glee. Despite all the adversities, disputes, deadlocks and the heated exchanges, the spark and ignition of building the bonhomie and camaraderie happened naturally evolving into a firm bonding with the touchstones of faith, belief and trust.

All relationships mature over time with increased accords of understanding and tolerating each other’s inadequacies along with inter dependence of each other in every sphere of activity. The correlation coefficient of two variables that are indiscreet can be measured with that tool called warm relationship!!!

The super inflated balloon filled with ego gets pin pricked and out flows a rush of emotions bolstered by the warm hug and a smooth caressing of the hair which says it all…a sorry that is told with such intense sincerity is a balm that can heal any wound.

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11 thoughts on “Accords of understanding

  1. Apart from the warmth of relationships, there is poetry in your words Sunita! I loved that “spring in our steps, the smile on our faces, the glee in giving back”… No relationship is perfect and no two persons are alike. It is the joy of sharing little delights, the ache of that hurt, which we try to alleviate, the apology which we have in the eyes that bind us despite the harsh words which we use to hide our pain but they eloquently convey how firm is the bonding!
    Loved your choice of words! Thanks for sharing.

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    • How beautifully and marvellously you have summarized the wonderful fabric of a partnership. Very much obliged to your concise and succint choice of words to express your lovely thoughts. Glad that you liked this short piece.

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  2. So beautiful Sunita! Loved reading this and as you know I waited eagerly for your articles:)
    It’s not just the writing that is inspiring but the meaning it echoes. Like you said, once ego vanishes, love can take its place.
    Every relationship faces challenges and the real test is how they’re dealt with. A great piece Sunita😊👏🏻

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  3. You are an alchemist with words and by mixing them in your inimitable and innovative style you are able to invest some magical charm even to things that everyone knows and experiences.The relationship of a married couple is always marked by varying moods of love and anger,excitement and frustration,hope and desperation,calm and turbulence.The underlying commitment to hold together through thick and thin through the life’s journey brings as years progress indescribable joy of togetherness, companionship and concern for each other.That is the main purpose and reward of married life.

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    • Sigh…wish I had the brevity like you have and marvelled at how beautifully you have summarized the complex term called “relationship”!
      Very much obliged with your words of appreciation and thoughts!


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