This poem is in the rhyme scheme AXXA throughout and has the first and last lines of each stanza starting with the alphabet 'C'
Cul-de-sac – courtesy cliplibrary

Chinks in my armour tirelessly exploited

Do I look back at the chirpy transitory moments?

Or brave the harsh weather with rasping voices

Cast the die to flee or dawdle the lashes unabated

Courtesy : Alamy stock photo

Clovers of comfort fade away abruptly

Tempest hiding behind the benign clouds

An excruciating hush, heavens on the verge to explode

Clashes and conflicts badger my brain incessantly

Chambers of heart with locked vaults of dissent

Trials and tribulations that stand the test of time

Seesaw of hopes and despair bobbing on the waves of life

Cringe in chagrins, protracted sufferings for a patent

Coward me camouflaged in glee and beams façade

Reconcile and petition seeking fresh morrow sans sorrow

Perennial blunders that crucify the quest for joy

Conspiracies and cahoots that curb the merry cascade

a cul-de-sac a blind alley or is it the crossroads


3 thoughts on “Crossroads

  1. Deeply profound!!! Life invariably is caught in a crossroad, and we have to make the choice. Everything becomes a by-product of the choices we make in our life.

    And then we have the paradox of life playing its card, the hope and despair, the trails and tribulations…beyond those beautiful set of black cloud is the dark side of our life deceptively hidden from our sight.

    You have so deftly weaved such a complex body of thoughts in such nuanced manner, it makes the reading a joyful ride. I really loved the line “Perennial blunders that crucify the quest for joy”… 😀


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