Mom of the nineties!

“Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”

For a mom of the nineties, ‘pampers’ meant only to coddle and caress and serve the needs of somebody dear and this pampers-logo was unheard of! But now, Pampers has caught the baby care and welfare by storm and all modern day moms swear by it!


The last minute shopping was over or was it? Mom and dad hurried to the home appliances store to get a washing machine and knew this was a necessity at that point in time with the servant maid playing truant, mounds of baby nappies round the corner and added to that the wet monsoon soon….

On the night of 31st January, 1997, the amniotic sac in my uterus broke and the fluid was discharged. I waited with all strength for the day of 1st February to dawn so that my parents did not have to go through the perils of midnight labour!

Early morning, I was rushed to the hospital and soon in the loving care of the gynaecologist. Couple of hours down the Saturday, I went into labour and after a struggle, and eventually ending in a forceps assisted delivery! The shrill cry of the bundle of joy made me to forget the excruciating pain that I had undergone a few minutes ago and all I felt was the silken and satin touch of the tiny arms, legs and palms! But my son was by no means ‘tiny’ as I just mentioned- he was an enormous baby weighing 3.6 kg at birth with solid hands and legs much to the amusement of my grandmother who exclaimed “what big hands and legs, he will grow to be a six footer”!

He had taken in lot of the amniotic fluid and soon started vomiting water even as my mom was caressing his soft and supple body. The doctors took him away and for the next two agonizing days, kept him in the incubator with doses of antiobiotics to heal the wound on his squishy squashy forehead due to the forceps intervention.

He recovered well and both jubilant mom and newbie were out of the hospital and in the cool, cocooned atmosphere of home under the ever watchful eyes of mother and grandmother- yes he had the luxury of his great grandmother to pamper him, bathe him, and give all the undivided love!

The next few months were an absolute period of bliss accompanied by heavy doses of cuddling, embracing, rocking and singing lullabies!

Like every over protective parent, we too indulged in the extremes for our baby.

Diapers were unheard of and dozens of home stitched nappies from the softest material were fondly stitched for the little angel!nappies

The timely gift of a diaper pack from his overseas aunt exposed us to the comforts of using diapers but not before “don’t you dare use them” warnings from the old guard for fear of allergies. Each and every word and line on the pack was read and the instructions taken on a serious note as we did not want to risk the soft tender skin of the baby.


However, these pamper diapers were used in a stingy manner as we could not tide over the times we were in!

I was the first to rebel against the funny smelling rubber sheet that was spread under a soft cloth for preventing leakages into the bed. Those pink and blue coloured were discarded and they gave way to the baby bedding set made of delicate material which were very gentle on the skin and came with a soft pillow and two cylindrical side pillows for protection from rolling over. These had eye catching prints and designs and could be placed on the cot or in the crib.

baby bedding 1 baby bedding 2

Next came the mosquito net which was an integral part of the bedding set. To ensure a good night’s sleep without the singing and biting of the mosquitoes, care was taken to get one that was foldable and non poking like the age old ones that were notorious for their pokes!

Then came the soaps, massage oil and powders, cosmetics that were good on the skin and hair and the smell of my son after a warm bath was divine and soothing!  There was no compromise on these essentials as they were absolutely necessary to keep the skin supple and shining!

baby bag

And then the cradle, my newborn was lucky to sleep in enormous wooden crib, an antique piece handed down from generations and was indeed an heirloom!! It was stuffed with the softest bed, cushion and pillows and decorated with colourful rattlers and toys that were only too inviting to be grabbed by the teeny weeny!

wc 2

So my precious baby had everything soft and nice to provide him great comfort and a glowing skin free from rashes and irritations!

baby 3

2 thoughts on “Mom of the nineties!

  1. This post brought back the memories of the same time when home stitched nappies would hang all around my house. Huggies had just been introduced I suppose, and once I started using those for my daughter I understood what a huge relief it was!

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